Ask a Make Up Artist: Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics Part 2

Note: This article is a follow up article, checkout part 1 here.Tip #5 = Just because it’s more expensive, does NOT mean the quality is better! The Cosmetics Industry as a whole, profits LUCRATIVELY from this concept (which, by the way, is entirely FALSE). We all know that “good things are never cheap and cheap things are never good,” but realize that the hefty retail price tag of the make up counters has mostly to do with the advertising, overhead (paying employees, incentive trips, travel ...

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Ask a Make Up Artist: Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics

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Tips to Save Money on Brand Name CosmeticsMakeup Artist Secrets: Tips to save money on brand name cosmetics at a luxury make-up counter or department store!Ever walk through the Cosmetics Counters of a luxury department store in the mall and wonder, “Are these high-end luxury brand cosmetics worth the higher price tag?” Well, I’m here to give you some straight advice on how to save some money while at these make up counters so that you don’t break the bank!Here are some things I’ve ...

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Ask a Make Up Artist: Questions a bride should ask her makeup artist

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Questions a bride should ask her makeup artistApril showers bring May flowers, and just around the corner is June. We know what that means... WEDDING TIME! Let's shed some light on the sometimes blurry subject of Makeup Artistry.Whether you are a bride looking to hire a professional artist or just someone who wants to look their best for a wedding they are invited to, everyone has thought about getting their makeup done professionally. Let me give you an insider secret most Makeup ...

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Ask A Make-up Artist: Iman Cosmetics Review

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IMAN Cosmetics has launched their new spring 2012 color story – Sweet Temptations! The perfect palette for spring, it spotlights a sexy wash of glimmering honey, citrus and berry tones for eyes and cheeks that coordinate with a juicy pop of candy colored hues for lips. You can check out the full list of "Sweet Temptations" products including videos on how to get the look here.Also, IMAN has teamed up with Wal-Mart to host a series of exciting in-store events throughout Georgia on April 28th, ...

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