Who Else Wants Cheap and Healthy Nut Free Lunch Options?

Back to school nut free lunch

Who Else Wants Cheap and Healthy Nut Free Lunch Options?As your kids head back to school. We are faced with two issues one is our budget, and the other is they hate everything. Okay, maybe it is my kids that hate everything I packed and then I had to unpacked rotten lunches that smelled worse than my son's shoes after he plays soccer in them. That was until I figured out a secret. It all has to do with presentation. I also learned the 80/ 20 rule. It is powerful stuff.This is what ...

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Macy’s Back to School Event

Macy's Back to School Event

Macy's Back to School EventIt's that time of year again Moms and Dads! That's right it is the most wonderful time of the year: Not Christmas... Back to School! Though just like at Christmas, Macy's has you covered when it comes to the nonstop revolving door that is kid's fashion. If you have ever been back to school shopping with a kid you have certainly heard that you know nothing about what is cool. Luckily, Macy's knows cool and knows that you do as well. Remember back in the 90's when ...

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How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?

How many white glue sticks does one kid really need

Ok, let's be honest with each other for a minute. When you get your student's school supply list what is the first thing that pops out of you mouth? "How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?" If you don;t say it out loud you know you are thinking it. Well, let me tell you the honest answer. A LOT!  How many white glue sticks does one kid really need? ...

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2016 Giving Back Packs Event


Real Advice Gal Giving Back Packs 2016 Event Every year, we seek sponsors to support us in our efforts to supply as many back packs full of school supplies to needy children as we can. I am happy that we have several great sponsors this year! Wonderful Pistachios and Aldi are returning sponsors this year! We are also grateful for our newest sponsor, Classroom Direct.We also enlist the help of dozens of other bloggers to each fill at least one back pack with school supplies and donate it ...

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Easy Christian Teacher Gift Ideas

teacher gifts

Easy Christian Teacher Gift IdeasIt's almost that time guys! The end of the school year is looming closer and closer. I know my kids are ready for it, and honestly, so am I! I love spending the summers with my kids. I'm also super thankful for the teachers that take care of them during their time in school. I mean, they have our children for around 7 hours a day! So we have to make sure they know we appreciate all they do for us and our kids. Every year i always want to make sure I show my ...

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Back to School Teacher’s Discounts

Back to School Teacher's Discounts

Back to School Teacher's DiscountsIt's that time of year and many people are getting ready for back to school. One group of people are probably out there spending more than even the most last-minute school supply shopping mom: teachers. Teachers have more shopping to do at this time of year than anyone else. So below we have listed some great Back to School Teacher's Discounts that are just for them! ...

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Top Tips for Dorm Room Supplies Savings


Dorm Room Supplies Savings TipsThe cost of college is expensive enough before the cost of Dorm Room supplies and necessities are factored in.With these Dorm Room Supplies Savings Tips you can send them off to school with everything they need without breaking the bank.Make a list of what you need and then go back over it and include quantities of each item that you need. Mark it off as you buy it so that you don't buy more than you need. Use Organizing Totes to transport your ...

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Giving Back Packs 2015 – School supplies are so important!

school supplies

Giving Back Packs 2015 Hello and welcome to our 3rd annual Giving Back Packs event. This year we were blessed with very generous sponsors and lots of bloggers who volunteer to help. We are so fortunate that we are running 3 separate campaigns.So the idea behind the #GivingBackPacks project is that each and every one of us can do something to help others and we should. If a large number of people come together to give back in a small way we can make a BIG change. We asked bloggers to ...

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