Choppy bob

choppy bob

Choppy bob I wanted a choppy bob. The reason is simple. I have three kids and about 7 minutes to get my hair dryed and styled. That seven minutes is if my children are taking a shower in the morning otherwise we are looking at enough time to dry my hair so it isn't dripping. I wanted a hair cut that frankly looked messy as the "look". I saw the new summer bob and had to have it. Two days ago Choppy bob The problem was I grabbed a magazine and I went to the wrong person to do it. I ended ...

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Hair Cut Disaster

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I know that getting a haircut for most of us is a luxury. I mean when else can I sit down in a chair and have someone do something for me? It isn't often. It is nice to have your hair brushed and styled. It is something I look forward to doing. I like to get a different hair style each season. I have it shaped or colored or something new done because frankly I get bored. I always buy a magazine and pick my hairstyle.   This picture is my hairstyle after I went to the salon and the picture of ...

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Volvo Customer Service

volvo customer service

Volvo Customer ServiceI have a baby. It is called baby volvo convertible. I bought my baby convertible over 8 years ago now. I was so excited when I got her. I was less excited when my husband got home and I had to explain the car in the driveway was indeed ours and I didn't have a friend over. That is another story. I believe that having a convertible is cheaper than a therapist. We all need an outlet and my convertible is mine. It is our third car and honestly I wish I could drive the ...

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Grateful: Top 5


Today I am grateful that it is my birthday. The reason is simple I have been given another year to live. I started writing a grateful list of my top five every day because in life I think we forget the small things. We forget because we are to busy being ungrateful. I have made the choice to look at the positive and grow the things that are positive in my life. It isn't easy. I will talk about that choice more over the next couple of weeks. I decided to be the light that helps others' candles ...

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Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha xi delta

Alpha Xi Delta  So who is this Madame Deals Chick? I bet you are wondering. It is funny I kind of look like my graphic but long before I was Madame Deals I was a sister of Alpha Xi Delta. I would love to have breakfast at Tiffany’s in fact I would love to have breakfast anywhere. I love breakfast. I decided it would be fun each week to share something about my past, present and what I hope for the future. I am someone who shares for a living right? I share deals and saving tips.  What ...

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Life Happens


A moment in time is fleeting but a decision to live life minute by minute is imperative. Our once in a lifetime moment came to us by surprise. We had two amazing children. I was embarking back toward my career from my stint as a stay at home mom. I had begun to build my professional portfolio and ease my way into a part-time job. Then we found out we were expecting again. The expectation and timing of having another child was worrisome financially and emotionally. We sat down as a couple and I ...

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The Breast Debate

   Boobs. They come in all shapes and sizes. I am sure yours looked different then they did when you were 16 I always recommend getting abra fitting in my article What's holding up your girls . It can really change your life. I know that getting a bra fitting may in fact seem scary but it is actually quite beneficial. I also say spend money on a good bra. It makes a huge difference to your overall look. I mean I hate seeing bumps and lumps under clothes. I also suggest getting a convertible bra ...

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Ask A Make-up Artist: Iman Cosmetics Review

make up

IMAN Cosmetics has launched their new spring 2012 color story – Sweet Temptations! The perfect palette for spring, it spotlights a sexy wash of glimmering honey, citrus and berry tones for eyes and cheeks that coordinate with a juicy pop of candy colored hues for lips. You can check out the full list of "Sweet Temptations" products including videos on how to get the look here.Also, IMAN has teamed up with Wal-Mart to host a series of exciting in-store events throughout Georgia on April 28th, ...

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Lottery Winner

Wow! I didn't win the lottery. You know the millions of dollars. I did win the lottery in life. There are several reasons why I am glad I did not win the lottery. I thought I would list them. 1) My husband would quit his job. This sound wonderful but he said he would spend 24/7 hanging out with me. I told him I can't miss him if he didn't go away. 2) We would have relatives coming out of the woodwork for handouts. You all know you have relatives that are best left outside of the family ...

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Ask Madame Deals

I received this letter: Hey my name is Rhonda i am a sahm of 4. My husband is the only one working in this family so we have a very tight budget. I have been trying to coupon for awhile now but just find i am wasting my time and money. i follow you and alot of others on facebook, twitter, youtube trying to learn how to do this. This is my problem we cant live off of house hold products, personnal care products, etc. We life in south louisiana and they dont have anywheres that double their ...

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