Ask a Teacher: Dress codes Yes or NO?

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I love dress codes. I have to say, I have seen my share of inappropriate body parts over my career. I have had to call home when a 3rd grader went without underwear.  How did I know? Well, she was telling everyone. I have seen bra straps, bras, bums, underwear, and bellies when I taught sixth grade. I think asking students to cover up is necessary; school is not a place to show what you have. I actually like uniforms. How much easier would my morning be if I didn’t have to pick something my … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: How do you keep a teen out of trouble?

The best way to keep any person out of trouble is to keep them busy. This does not mean drag them to every activity you want them to do. Rather it means help them find a passion. Then support this passion and enable your teenage to pursue their dreams. I came across this site that helps teens achieve their dreams. The Do Something site provides grants $500 and up to student with innovative ideas. I realize my high school years were filled with tons of fun but also coupled with a lot of … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher- Teaching your child what the holiday is about

This is a great one. What are some ways you teach your children to be part of the spirit and not get caught up in the "me" of the holiday? We start early every year we take five birthday gifts and put them away to give to children who do not have much for the holiday. We then have a budget for children in need. We put our coins in a jar. The coins are divided into thirds: 1/3 for our daughters bank account, 1/3 for our sons, and 1/3 for a child in need. My son even does chores to add to the jar. … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: How do I teach my child to be thankful?

How do you teach children to be thankful? The answer is simple, lead by example. We make a point of saying what we are thankful for each night. We remind our children that we are lucky to have the things we do and we need to appreciate what we have instead of always wanting new things. Another way to teach thankfulness is to take things away when children do not appreciate them. I know it sounds harsh but, we often do not miss things unless we are without. I have to say, I take the fact that … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: How do you handle Stealing?

Ask a Teacher What do you do when your child steals? I say make them give it back to the store or person who they took it from. This needs to be done as soon as possible. If it is from another child call the parent and let them know what happen. It is always important to  “attack” the problem and not the child. When dealing with an issue like stealing be reminded that it is normal but not acceptable. I liked this Article by The Center for Effective Parenting. Click HERE . … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher: Why don't the people who need to, coupon?

Here is a Quote that I ran across on My Baton Rouge Mommy site Interesting Statistic: Only 1% of coupons are ever redeemed and the people most likely to use coupons are those in the higher income categories. Why is this? What do you guys and gals think? I have my own ideas lack of knowledge, time, accessibility to coupons, and excuses! I am sure of one thing all of these objections can be met with ingenuity and thought. We offer FREE information on this site. We speak to large groups for FREE. … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: To fight back or NOT?

This is a hard one. When should a bully get it back? When is it self defense? When is fighting okay? In our household hitting is unacceptable. The only thing we "hit" are balls. I think fighting can be done in several ways the best way to fight back is to use the proper channels. It is important to teach our children rules. I know not every child or parent subscribes to these rules but we can't be concerned about others. I have had a parent of one my students threaten to hurt me because their … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher

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Ask a Teacher What do I do my child looses everything? This is something we go through daily. I work in the evening from time to time so we hire a sitter or my husband is in charge. I always wake up in the morning early to try to assemble all of his backpack contents without much luck.  I thought this has got to change so I figured out a resolution. We picked one place for homework to be completed and a routine that everything goes back in the backpack. We place the backpack on the back of his … [Read more...]

Ask Teacher: How do I avoid the struggle over homework

Help! Homework! I believe in homework. I know crazy ha? I believe in homework if it is reinforcing a skill not teaching a new one. I believe that children need to practice skills before they become automatic. I also believe that discipline is a good thing. I know that homework should involve the parent. Why? Well, I think it is important for parents to be involved in their children's learning. Do I think you need to be present for the whole assignment of course not. I do think you need to … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher… What do you do when it is time to have a Birthday Party

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My rule is simple invite everyone in the class. I know, I lost my mind but the effects of being the child that is not invited is awful. My son is in Kindergarten and even at his young age they all talk about the big party. I never want my son to leave someone out. He told me he isn't best friends with everyone but it was nice to have them at his party. If having a huge party is cost prohibitive to you. Then think of places to host your event for free. Like the park, beach, a track, or even the … [Read more...]