Ask a Wife of a Veteran

Why is this holiday important? What does it mean? I think we often take for granted the freedom we experience everyday. This site wouldn't exist in some parts of the world. I wouldn't have the opportunities I have if I didn't live in America. My family has benefited from the military and we are very grateful for what we have experienced and learned. My husband served in the Navy and it was during his service time that afforded him the opportunity to obtain a Bachelors degree and a Masters … [Read more...]

Ask a Working Mom- How do you manage the madness

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The answers I always have are make a schedule, get a support staff, and let go of perfection.  I never realized how much work it takes to work when you have kids. I also never realized how hard it is for me to work inside the house full-time as the stay at home mom only. I honestly couldn’t do it so I had to find a better balance. I have a huge amount of respect for moms. We truly are amazing.  I currently work part-time from my house which I often think is more difficult then leaving the house … [Read more...]

Happy Mother's Day

I am stuck in the hospital so the normal gift selection has not happened. I wanted to thank my Mom and my Mother-in- Law for dropping everything to take care of my babies through this trying time. I really appreciate the love you have provided to myself and my family! I know each day I continue to learn from your examples and I appreciate you both! Happy Mother's day to all the Mommies! This is a poem I found for my Mom. It is written by: Nicholas Gordon You are my mother and my friend, Which … [Read more...]

Ask a Citizen: What is the Manner

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I often wonder if manners are dead. Is it to hard to say please and thank you? Can it really be that difficult to look someone in the eyes when you respond to them?  Where are we left without the use of manners? I deplore foul language and bossy requests. The hands on our hips and demand in the voices of our youth is both appalling and starling. Where and when did this become more the norm than Madame and Sir? I realize it is from us. I think about it often why aren’t we nicer? It is free and … [Read more...]

Ask a Football fan: What is the Tebow factor?

The Tim Tebow Factor- What is the Tebow factor? The name Tim Tebow will forever be part of University of Florida history. It isn’t only because he is a great football player but most importantly a superior role model. He inspired those around him to live up to their potential. I bet you are wondering why football is appearing on a site about frugality? The answer is simple this young man had the power to empower a nation. He alone empowered a team. How? He simply did it by doing his best. His … [Read more...]

Ask A Woman, Wife, Mom, Teacher, Coupon user: What is your Blueberry Factor?

The Blueberry Factor: This is an article about taking care of yourself so you can take care of those you love. The greatest pleasure in my life is giving back to those I love. I do need to "recharge" in order to make this happen. This weekend I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. I think what everyone needs to understand is that we all have a “blueberry factor.” What is a “blueberry factor?” It is what we all work for. In my family the blueberry has become the one item we buy every week no … [Read more...]

Ask A Mom- What is my identity in the family?

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The baby is coming and the siblings are wondering what that means to them. Is Margeaux still the little sister? Do I get to be the only brother? Where will my room be? Who is going to be in charge of the diapers? Do I have to stop going to school to stay home and help you?  The questions have started and Matthew like any other child wants to know how he fits in. What will his family be like with the new baby? I often wonder myself. We are changing cars, rooms, and our spending habits to make … [Read more...]

Ask a shopper: How do you Negotiate?

The Art of Negotiation- Wow, I am exhausted! We embarked on the horrible task of car buying. I think I should say car “test driving” since we haven’t actually bought anything yet. We are in the hunt for a mommy van. I can’t believe that we are looking for a van. I also can’t believe the prices. I guess I am out of the loop since we haven’t bought a new car in a long time. Nor did we buy our last one from a dealer. The first step is clarifying your needs. I narrowed down my search based on … [Read more...]

Ask a Coupon shopper: What is your impact?

The number one question I get is: How much has using coupons changed your life? I believe. I see. I know. I can do it. I can also teach my children to live in a way that is inspiring to others.  I think about the journey we embarked upon when building this site. We decided on one mission reach, out and help our community. We made the choice to try to teach using workshops, articles, our experiences, and our expanding knowledge as our resource. We value each person who comes to this site because … [Read more...]

House Keeping: Ask A Teacher

I get a lot of comments on my columns and I thought I would do some follow -up. That is the point of this site. It is to inspire, help, and encourage. Yes, I know I sometimes make you angry but sometimes anger is thought provoking. It isn't my intention to make anyone upset, but I also believe that I can't possibly please everyone all the time and I need to be true to myself. We all have different opinions and different ways that we approach things. We value you and your feedback. Do you have … [Read more...]