Ask A Woman, Wife, Mom, Teacher, Coupon user: What is your Blueberry Factor?

The Blueberry Factor: This is an article about taking care of yourself so you can take care of those you love. The greatest pleasure in my life is giving back to those I love. I do need to "recharge" in order to make this happen. This weekend I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. I think what everyone needs to understand is that we all have a “blueberry factor.” What is a “blueberry factor?” It is what we all work for. In my family the blueberry has become the one item we buy every week no … [Read more...]

Ask A Mom- What is my identity in the family?

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The baby is coming and the siblings are wondering what that means to them. Is Margeaux still the little sister? Do I get to be the only brother? Where will my room be? Who is going to be in charge of the diapers? Do I have to stop going to school to stay home and help you?  The questions have started and Matthew like any other child wants to know how he fits in. What will his family be like with the new baby? I often wonder myself. We are changing cars, rooms, and our spending habits to make … [Read more...]

Ask a shopper: How do you Negotiate?

The Art of Negotiation- Wow, I am exhausted! We embarked on the horrible task of car buying. I think I should say car “test driving” since we haven’t actually bought anything yet. We are in the hunt for a mommy van. I can’t believe that we are looking for a van. I also can’t believe the prices. I guess I am out of the loop since we haven’t bought a new car in a long time. Nor did we buy our last one from a dealer. The first step is clarifying your needs. I narrowed down my search based on … [Read more...]

Ask a Coupon shopper: What is your impact?

The number one question I get is: How much has using coupons changed your life? I believe. I see. I know. I can do it. I can also teach my children to live in a way that is inspiring to others.  I think about the journey we embarked upon when building this site. We decided on one mission reach, out and help our community. We made the choice to try to teach using workshops, articles, our experiences, and our expanding knowledge as our resource. We value each person who comes to this site because … [Read more...]

House Keeping: Ask A Teacher

I get a lot of comments on my columns and I thought I would do some follow -up. That is the point of this site. It is to inspire, help, and encourage. Yes, I know I sometimes make you angry but sometimes anger is thought provoking. It isn't my intention to make anyone upset, but I also believe that I can't possibly please everyone all the time and I need to be true to myself. We all have different opinions and different ways that we approach things. We value you and your feedback. Do you have … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher- How do I focus on myself

Life is often strange when your life is an open book. When you have a website and you are out in the world of Facebook people contact you to become friends. I separate my personal facebook account from our professional fan page because that is what I have chosen to do. I was contacted this week by "a friend of a friend "etc. He was trying to promote his company. I told him if he has something to offer our readers I wouldl consider sharing it with you. I find other people interesting and since I … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher- How can I help get my child ready for a test?

The answer is simple, preparation. The first thing you need to determine is how your child learns. Do they learn by looking, touching, or listening? Do they require multiple types of learning? Do they need information repeated over and over again or do they pick it up right away? I will give you some hints to help with spelling. The methodologies can be applied to different subject. Think about how to make learning new material more interactive. My son asked me where we get rice from? I … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: What kind of Homework is this?

As our children grow so does the complexity of their assignments. What do you do if you can’t help them with an assignment? The first step is to have an established relationship with the teacher. The next step is to ask questions prior to the night before the assignment is due. It is best to look at a project the night it is given and write down any questions you may have. Then ask your  child if they know the  answer. If they can't answer them, then send your list to school with your child. I … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: How do I Potty Train?

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Here I go again! I am going to lay the foundation for potty training. My goal is to have my little one trained by the time she is 18 months. I am going to start now. These are the steps that I will take: Buy a doll that pees and poops Place a potty seat in the bathroom for the child but initially use this seat for the doll Feed the baby a bottle. Take the baby to the bathroom. Do this three times a day. Develop a word and a sign for potty. Do both every time you go into the bathroom to go … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: How do you Teach SHARING

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Sharing is caring... The secret to teaching is modeling. It isn't enough to just say share. We need to show our children how to acquire this valuable skill. This is a skill that we need to work on through out their lives. It will start with toys and grow into ideas. Then they will need to have the confidence to share who they are with the world. The fondest memories I have are of conversations I have had with my parents over dinner or lunch. It is neat to learn about how they became who they … [Read more...]