Ask A PTO Mom

  I have been on a PTA or a PTO for years now. I have been on the teacher side and now the parent side and I encourage you to do the same. I read the articles on the internet often and watch the news and the stories involving today’s youth. There is almost always have one thing in common with the children who are in the trouble. They are struggling in school or they have dropped out of school. What can we do to fix this? How can we as a society become more proactive? The answer is simple it … [Read more...]

Asking you: What Motivates You to Coupon Shop?

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The easiest answer is success. When we are successful we are motivated. This is true in anything we do. I define success as learning something new, reflecting on my learning, and striving to learn more. I think I would have stopped coupon shopping a long time ago if it didn't work. I am not always as successful as the receipt above. I am however overall successful since I have shaved $75 a week off my budget. I am able to stay motivate because I defined a goal. My goal is to pay for my … [Read more...]

Ask A Party Planner: How do you throw a kids party on a budget?

It is that time again my children are having their birthdays. This is one of those times when I spend money. I coupon shop so I can spend money on the “things” that are important to me. The one thing that is most important to me is making memories with my family. We always have a big party for the kids so we can invite everyone important to the kids and our family. It is unfortunate that our families do not live closer so our friends are like family to us. I try my best to have a budget and I … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher: Is it okay to have a fashionable Preschooler?

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It is true, I do let my daughter wear anything and everything . The only clothing  requirements are it has to be clean, not dangerous, and cover certain body parts. I think it is important to allow children some choice over what they wear. It is their form of expression and their way of exerting control. They have so little say over their lives that it is nice to give her a choice. Rules are important but picking which ones to enforce are more important.  I have the children who live in rain … [Read more...]

Ask a coupon user: You cut what?

Coupon confession- They are overwhelming. There you have it. Renae admitted she almost lost money by letting her ECBs (CVS money) expire. I did once. I now carry them in my Madame Deals Coupon Solution to remind myself not to forget. I find myself with piles of papers and only a scissors to get myself free. I decided I do not have time to clip every coupon so I click instead. I click HERE and I buy my coupons sorted and shipped to me. I do keep my inserts and only cut what we use monthly. I … [Read more...]

Ask an Employee/ Employer: Can you work with a friend?

I think one question that is asked more than any other is "How do you work with a friend?" I actually think it has its benefits and hardships. I am going to go over the hardships first. There is a lot more at stake if it doesn’t work out. You could end up finding your friend is a great friend but horrible co-worker.  You could find out that your friend isn’t really a friend. The worst is you could lose a friend over work. You have to set real boundaries and be up front in your expectations. You … [Read more...]

Ask a person who let go of her landline

I had my fear. I have had a home phone all my life. I mean I have been paying for one for years without using it. I have unlimited minutes on my cell. I kept my land-line because of the 911 feature. That feature is available on your phone without service. I needed it for my DSL. Well, you do not anymore. The only thing I would say is make sure you are not working from home the next day when they turn off your DSL by accident after a couple of hours all was well and I now have $35 more in the … [Read more...]

Ask a Person Overwhelmed by Stuff

I must admit we have too much stuff. The majority of it is mine. The garage is filled with teaching supplies. I hope to return back to that career someday so I keep the 20 bins of stuff needed to be effective. Then there are the drawers, containers, and cabinets filled with craft stuff. I could scrapbook for my entire community.  I could also make a necklace larger in circumference than the lake in our community with all the beads I have. We will not even go into the closets that are brimming … [Read more...]

Ask A Swim Instructor: What do you need to know to keep your kids safe

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The sun is out and my little one is on the run. She is usually on the run straight towards water. I have thought about taking her to swim lessons but I am strapped for time. My husband also taught people how to swim when he was in the Navy; so he wants to do it. I keep seeing articles on children drowning and most times drowning occurs while the parent is right there. My husband actually rescued a three year old when she was in the pool with her babysitter. She was very lucky that my husband … [Read more...]

Ask a Mom: Is it worth it to go back to work?

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Ask A Mom- is it worth it to go back into the work force? I debated whether I should return to the work force and I decided for my mental stability it is the best option. I really enjoy working. I am also doing it for the benefit of our family. The job market is very unstable currently and my husband’s company just “let go” some workers. They were asked to leave that day. We are unsure who is next so we need to have a plan in place.  I found a job working part-time earning enough to cover our … [Read more...]