Ask A Blogger: How do you capture screenshots

I stumbled upon the awesome screenshot tool JING. The best part is it is free and easy to use. I love Jing so much because it downloaded easy on my Mac and my windows based computer. I made a little movie to demonstrate how easy Jing is. I made a video on how to use our printable grocery list. I only captured a small portion of our screen. … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday

Welcome, We all need a little motivation especially on Monday. I wanted this space in cyberspace to represent more than the next deal. I mean the next deal is great but we all require a cheerleader in life. Madame Deals was started to help, motivate, and inspire the spender in all of us to do more with what we have. It is important to find balance in your life  because your bank account byline doesn't define who you are. You define who you are. … [Read more...]

Ask A traveler: What lessons did you learn

I just got back from a 16+ car trip to Florida. We had a wonderful time but I believe you need to document mistakes so you do not make them again. Here is what I learned: 10) Plan your trip so you do not arrive at your destination at 3:00 in the morning or so you do not have to debate staying at a place that charges by the hour. Deal or no deal???? 9) When looking for a place to stay after driving over 14 hours with three wide awake children at 2:00 am do not drive around to save $3.00 your … [Read more...]

Ask a wife of a Frugal Guy

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So the truth is my husband is the frugal one. This has always been the case. I am only frugal so I can buy other things that we couldn't afford if I paid full price for our groceries. I spent all Thursday trying to find my husband who spent all day going from one company to the next taking advantage of all the Veteran's Day Specials. This is his favorite holiday of the year. I figured he earned the sandwich at Subway, coffee and Dunkin Doughnuts, Onion from Outback, Free car wash from Clean … [Read more...]

Ask someone who believes in the ripple

Have you ever thrown a rock in a body of water and watched the ripples that follow? Do you wonder how can I be that small rock in the big pond? This month we are setting out to do just that. If you ever wonder if a small action you take makes a difference in the lives of others it does. Renae and I were grocery shopping on Friday night. I know, big surprise. I ran into a former student. I haven't taught in several years so I was surprised that he even recognized me; in fact that was two … [Read more...]

Ask a Blackberry Addict: How do you turn it off

I would love to say I could give up all of my jobs for a day. I can't, but I did take today off from this site and my online job. I instead spent the day with my children after grocery shopping and cooking 3 dinners for the week. I wasn't sure I would be able to turn off my Blackberry and ignore calls from employees- but I did. I was so good I didn't even turn on my computer or Blackberry until 7:00 PM. I learned that it is possible and necessary to let it all go. The world isn't going to end. … [Read more...]

Ask Coupon Shoppers? What are the lowest prices for baby food items

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I feel like a new mom. I'm not this is our third however, this is the first "baby" that I have been an avid coupon shopper with. The goal of coupon shopping is to user your coupons when you can get the most impact. We have the diaper deal round up every week to help determine when to use your coupons and stockpile. I need to know when to use my baby food coupons. What are the best prices you have seen for jar food and cereals?  I am also looking for formula prices. I recently found out that the … [Read more...]

Ask A Traveler: Where is your kid’s shirt?

We started this site  because Renae and I wanted to share our best moments and some questionable times. I will not say bad because I believe everyday is a learning experience. I learned to triple check everything and to ask my husband not to clean out the car before a trip because I have "in case of emergency" everything in there. I now have a clothing emergency and my backup plan is in my garage . The grand vacation plan ends in one naked kid so far. We have headed out of town for the night. I … [Read more...]

Ask A PTO Mom

  I have been on a PTA or a PTO for years now. I have been on the teacher side and now the parent side and I encourage you to do the same. I read the articles on the internet often and watch the news and the stories involving today’s youth. There is almost always have one thing in common with the children who are in the trouble. They are struggling in school or they have dropped out of school. What can we do to fix this? How can we as a society become more proactive? The answer is simple it … [Read more...]

Asking you: What Motivates You to Coupon Shop?

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The easiest answer is success. When we are successful we are motivated. This is true in anything we do. I define success as learning something new, reflecting on my learning, and striving to learn more. I think I would have stopped coupon shopping a long time ago if it didn't work. I am not always as successful as the receipt above. I am however overall successful since I have shaved $75 a week off my budget. I am able to stay motivate because I defined a goal. My goal is to pay for my … [Read more...]