Karla’s Korner: Setting Goals for a Fruitful Life


Karla's Korner: Setting Goals for a Fruitful Life Setting Goals for a Fruitful Life American author and novelist Richelle Goodrich wrote "Goals are my north star. My compass. The map that guides me along the road I wish to travel. Goals are motivations with wind in their sails - they carry me forward despite the storms." Every once in a while I come across something that sticks in my head days after I read it; this was one of those things. Searching my mind for inspiration I take a break ...

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Karla’s Korner: My Sister….My Friend


Karla's Korner: My Sister….My Friend My Sister….My Friend. Once in a while, quite often when it’s least expected, we meet someone who changes our lives and makes it better. As I sit down to write this article I am not in my usual writing spot. As a matter of fact, I am 450 miles away from my comfy chair sitting on the guest room floor of my brother and sister-in-loves home. The house is quiet and the Cincinnati sky is filled with sunlight, songbirds and a cool spring breeze that comforts my ...

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Karla’s Korner – Reflections: Twenty-One Years


Reflections Reflections: Twenty-One Years She came into this world on a Friday evening weighing just eight pounds. The first sound of her voice, a wailing cry, melted her momma’s heart; she waited for that melodic sound for nine long months. Their eyes met as she was gently placed on her mommas chest; a bond had been formed that in time would be tested but would overcome any and all adversity. It was Mother’s Day weekend, a first for both, one that would be the beginning of many more ...

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Karla’s Korner: An Airplane Conversation


An Airplane Conversation An Airplane Conversation…… As I stumbled through the crowded airplane aisle trying to stuff my carry-on in the overhead compartment I spied my seat; 17B. It was there that I realized I was going to spend the next two hours sandwiched in between two strangers; one a young unshaven man with ear buds jammed in his ears and the other an older gentleman with white hair and a somber look upon his face. Tired, hungry and ready to be reunited with my husband and children I ...

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Karla’s Korner: The Fence

The Fence

The Fence The Fence: Taming our Tempers, Finding Forgiveness and Changing Our World one Nail at a time The following story came across my “inbox” this week and after having read it multiple times I felt compelled to share it this week. The Fence There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the fence. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few ...

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Karla’s Korner: A Love Letter


A Love Letter Twenty-Six Years: A Love Letter They met while working at a small liberal arts college in August 1987; she was just 19 and he was 25. Both had known love before and both had lost. Drawn to one another from the beginning it seemed that their “chance” meetings became more frequent; less chance and more purpose. Small chats turned into long talks, weak knees, fluttering hearts and hopes that she would spot him on her walk to the campus post office. He was quiet and nervously ...

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Karla’s Korner: Ordinary Miracles of Life


Ordinary Miracles of Life Embracing the Ordinary Miracles of Life…. Hans Christian Andersen wrote “The whole world is a series of miracles, but we're so used to them we call them ordinary things.” Born in 1805, I am certain that Andersen’s every day ordinary things were quite different than those we have today, however, ordinary for him none the less. Thinking about the many ordinary things that occur every day in my own world I am reminded that quite often the ordinary is not ordinary at ...

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Karla’s Korner: On Being Positive

Being Positive

On Being Positive On Being Positive: Turning I can’t into I can…. He was just a normal middle school boy full of energy and mischief; his red hair adding to his unique country boy personality. His name is Bruce. Life for him, for all of us was pretty normal; as normal as life could be in a small farming community in rural Virginia. Summers were spent working on the farm with our families. Vacations were few and far between, because farm life never stops. The cows still produce milk, the ...

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Karla’s Korner: The Importance of Persistence


The Importance of Persistence The Importance of Persistence…. It’s March and that means it is a pretty serious time for college basketball. Being the parent of a college student I find myself drawn to games that involve my daughter’s college team but do not really follow college sports as closely as my husband or other family and friends do. As those around me pick their favorites, fill out brackets and sneak peeks at smart phones, televisions or games streamed online during the middle of ...

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Karla’s Korner: Facing Life’s Obstacles

Happy little girl

Facing Life’s Obstacles Facing Life’s Obstacles: Lessons Learned From a Little Girl…. Every afternoon around 4:30 p.m. she begins her ritual. Always dressed in pink workout gear, sneakers and a headset, and her long black hair falling loosely down her back she runs up and down the hill by my house time after time. This ritual began many months ago; first just a few trips up and back and now many more. By the looks of it she will continue this process for quite some time. I don’t know her. I ...

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