Karla’s Korner: Removing the Mask


Removing the Mask… Several weeks ago I was given the opportunity to start making a change to my physical body that would in turn affect my emotional well-being. Fifteen days ago I accepted the opportunity of taking a healthier living challenge that included the product line known as Advocare. My dear friend Amee (Madame Deals [...]

Karla’s Korner: Being Thankful When Times are Tough


Being Thankful When Times are Tough Being Thankful When Times are Tough…. It’s November and that means everybody is posting “I am thankful for ____________” on Facebook. It seems that the minute November 1 rolls around we are all ready to proclaim just how wonderful our lives are and how thankful we are for even [...]

Karla’s Korner: Big Kids


Big Kids…. It’s the day after my birthday, my husband is away on a golf outing with old college friends (no, I’m not angry that he missed my birthday), my son is in his room playing a video game online with a friend and my daughter and her girlfriend are tucked away in the basement [...]

Karla’s Korner: Finding Peace


Finding Peace… After spending nearly two hours trying to come up with a topic for this week I was ready to give up and call it a day. I was considering sending the boss an email and letting her know that my brain was on overload and that I just couldn’t write this week. The [...]