Hug This post is dedicated to the lady that taught me to hug everyone. I mean really hug them. This isn’t  the quick hug that you repel your body quickly back after making contact with another person but the kind of full body, look you in the eye, and touch your heart kind of hug. [...]

Make Your Own Dog Collar

Picture provided by and Witthaya Phonsawat

Make Your Own Dog Collar Buying collars for your dogs can add up overtime. Even when you wash them frequently they tend to get dirty quickly and some stains just won’t come out. With dogs that love to be outside, they are always in need of a new collar. It seems every time I go [...]

DIY Bubble Bath

DIY Bubble Bath

DIY Bubble Bath   Bubbles always make a bath more fun, but why buy it when you can make DIY Bubble Bath at home for 1/2 the price? I have a great (and easy!) recipe for DIY Bubble Bath that you are sure to love! The best part about making your own bubble bath is that you can customize [...]

How to make a Bacon Bouquet

Bacon Bouquet

How to make a Bacon Bouquet Give dad what he really wants for Valentine’s Day, a Bacon Bouquet!! It’s a fun way to give dad something really unique! I found this idea on an Ecard last week, and I knew I just had to give it a try! It’s super easy to make, and is [...]