This series on how to make the most out of the time you have with your children is brought to you by Amee at Madame Deals and Sharon at Mom on Dealz. My 3 year old recently mastered riding a bike by himself and is beyond proud. This has in turn made my 17 month old want to do the same thing. Obviously we just let him on the tricycle. It is so funny to watch him try because he can't even reach the pedals yet! Going on bike rides this Spring has already created so many cute and ...

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Ask a Daughter and Wife: What Makes a good Dad?

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On this day we celebrate the men in our lives for being Fathers. When we think about the importance a Father has in a child's life it is immeasurable. I think one of my favorite memories of my husband was when he was on the phone with one of his friends and he has said, "being a Dad is the best thing I have ever done." The fact that my husband was on the phone in the first place was a miracle and the fact that he was explaining how much his kids meant to him was priceless. We often talk about ...

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