ASK A Blogger: Sponsor me

    We talk last week about how to make the most of the conference. We skipped a step how can you afford to go? We need to talk about how to get a sponsor.I actually budget for my conferences and I have set aside funds. I plan to pay my way unless I receive a sponsor. It is true in life that there isn't going to be an advertiser that asks you to take their money so you can grow your business. That is why you need to ask people. I know gulp. How do you ask someone to sponsor you? The first thing … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger

If you missed last weeks article we answered questions about moving your site. Amee wrote previously about Tips for a First Blogging Conference. But what do you do if your shy and worried you won't get enough out of the trip? While I've only attended 2 conferences, I have 3 tips that worked well for me (although people that don't know me may have no idea that I was actually quite talkative): 1. Room with someone you're comfortable with. If you will be sharing a room, make sure you are … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Cold Pitching

I was really nervous about cold pitching. Extremely nervous. Mainly because I did not want to just pitch a random company about a random product. I figured they would just turn me down. Why would they want to promote a product that has been successful for years? Then I read something somewhere about PRnewswire. I dug around the site (which is extremely confusing) and set myself up with daily emails for new and future products hitting the market. I also composed a standardized "pitch" template … [Read more...]

Ask a blogger: Share your secrets

       I have had been blogging since April 2009 at Madame Deals. I decided in December I was going to take my blog from a hobby to a business. I knew I had to make a business plan. I had to set goals. I had to come up with strategies to manage it all. I also know the website would be a part of my life but not my life. It is easy to get caught up in making sure everything you see gets posted and every deal appears on your site. If you a careful you will neglect your "real" life and family. The … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger

  I was recently asked how I created my Nav Bar to have Dropdown Menus and how I redirected my menu items to specific Categories and Tags on my website. I know there are better ways to accomplish a redirect, but with my limited knowledge of coding - I took the simple route. Watch the video below to learn How to Create a Dropdown Menu and How to Redirect a Page in Thesis. Having trouble viewing the video? Click here. **I timed out on my video, so make sure you hit "Save" after … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Pitch Letter

  How do you write  a pitch letter? This question comes up often. Why? I have a lot of bloggers that want to know how did you get that? Why did they respond to you and not me? It is true I am not prettier or smarter nor do I have a better site then you do. What I do have is a little more Chutzpah. I also have a formula for success. I tried to simplify my letter so you could actually use the information right now and write a pitch letter that yields a result. I encourage you to link to work … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Stumble

We've posted about our experiences blogging and tricks we've learned, but neither of us will pretend to be a blogging expert. We learn something new EVERY day. This week, we asked our friend Kas from Southern Bellas Ways to Save to share about Stumble with you all. Amee and I are just learning to Stumble, so this post is to our benefit as well as yours. 1. First things first make sure you have a Stumble Upon Account 2. Set up your interests. I personally clicked things that would most … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Plugins

After spending a few weeks talking about how to make money blogging, we're stepping back into posts about blogging itself. Amee and I both use Wordpress and couldn't be happier about making the switch. One of the fantastic features about Wordpress is all the plug-ins available to help make your site run smoother and to help you make the most efficient use of your time. Below are some of our favorite Wordpress Plugin's: - WPtouch- A plugin which formats your site with a mobile theme for … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Take this Job and Love it!

    Okay so we have talked about everything from getting started and writing a post, and making money blogging. We’ve discussed contests, building relationships with other bloggers, and actively promoting your site with good content, readers & strategy. We talked about affiliate programs. last week. We figured this week it is only fair to share our address book. Yeah! I am going to put in here that you all might not be accepted into certain programs. I am still not accepted into … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: How do you make money?

  How do I turn my hobby into some much needed cash? Amee and I have shared with you many ways to make money blogging. We've discussed contests, building relationships with other bloggers, and actively promoting your site with good content, readers & strategy. This week I'll be talking about affiliate programs. If you want to make money; you must sign up for affiliate programs. You can find affiliate programs all over the web to promote companies and products to help boost your … [Read more...]