ASK A Blogger

If you missed last weeks article we answered questions about moving your site. Amee wrote previously about Tips for a First Blogging Conference. But what do you do if your shy and worried you won’t get enough out of the trip? While I’ve only attended 2 conferences, I have 3 tips that worked well for [...]

ASK A Blogger: Plugins

After spending a few weeks talking about how to make money blogging, we’re stepping back into posts about blogging itself. Amee and I both use WordPress and couldn’t be happier about making the switch. One of the fantastic features about WordPress is all the plug-ins available to help make your site run smoother and to [...]

ASK A Blogger: Take this Job and Love it!

    Okay so we have talked about everything from getting started and writing a post, and making money blogging. We’ve discussed contests, building relationships with other bloggers, and actively promoting your site with good content, readers & strategy. We talked about affiliate programs. last week. We figured this week it is only fair to [...]