ASK A Blogger: Picking a sponsor is like getting Married


    It is conference season and I am sure we are all looking for sponsors. I am looking for a Sponsor for Madame Deals. I think I am looking for a sponsor. You see I haven't decided. I feel like taking a sponsor is like getting married. The internet has the ability to connect you to a company for a lifetime. I feel like I am not just a "blog" but a brand. I need to be careful who I connect my brand with. When someone contacts me to sponsor me which has happened several times. … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Taking Screenshots


I am constantly taking Screenshots for publishing pictures on my site. Screenshots are fast and convenient for getting just the right image to share a coupon, free offer or store deal. I probably take at least 3 or more per day! What is a screenshot? Capturing something shown on your computer screen to a static image file. You are taking a snapshot (or picture) of your computer screen. I worked on a PC for years. I was proficient at taking Screenshots on a PC but had to use a free software … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Adsense Making Dollar Out of Cents


I recently attending a meeting to learn how to optimize my site to increase my revenue using Google adsense. I would like to share 5 tips that I believe will help you make pay out each month. It is important to understand that even if you do not have adsense that these tips are valuable and can be applied to any ad network. 1) Content is key. If you do not have content then you will not have traffic. The key to making money off of ads is that the ad is relevant to what you write. If you … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Where did my content go?


Where did my content go? I've asked myself this question more times than I can count. I have posts. Many, many posts. But they are not true content. I've been writing quick deal posts, an occasional giveaway or time consuming store matchups. Where is the substance? Where is the advice, recipes and stories that I enjoy writing? My blog content is in my head. It is written in a notebook with a few ideas scribbled haphazardly here and there. It is not on my website where it … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Where do you begin

  I got a lot of emails asking me how did you go from a teacher to a blogger? The answer is simple I "googled" it. I actually learn a lot from google and from you tube. I also learn a lot from being in networking groups on facebook. The easiest way to learn is to ask questions and read. I spend a lot of time looking at successful blogs and taking some of their ideas and making them my own. I like to call it a Madame Deals Improvement. I know my audience and I know who I am so I know what … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: No Follow or Follow


    To search for all of our  Ask A Blogger articles click here. The question of the hour is when do you mark a post as a "no follow post" The answer is simple if google thinks you are making money on the post then it is a No follow post.  This would include reviews, giveaways, and affiliates links.  If you created a post that you are going to duplicate then mark it as a no follow post. Google does not like posts that have duplicate content so you need to alert their bots that … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: How to make image click through to a specific URL?


A fellow blogger asked me a question yesterday that I thought others might run across as well. The question arose from a requirement set forth in the terms for a sponsored post. How do you make an image click through to a specific URL?   1. Add the image into your Post Editor. 2. Look for the Link URL and change it to your desired URL. 3. Click to "Insert into Post." 4. Preview your post and test the link to verify the URL is directing correctly. It's that … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: How do I know if I have posts that are redirecting?


    To search for all of our  Ask A Blogger articles click here. I love this site It will send you an alert when your site is down. I can't tell you how many times I have needed this feature. It also has a variety of other tools that are useful for site management. One that is especially helpful is figuring out what on your site is redirecting. Click on run a report If you see an arrow then your site is redirecting. I have installed the plug-in Broken … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger


I was thinking about some of the comments my fellow bloggers receive on their blogs and Facebook pages. Honestly, some of the comments I've read on other sites shock me! What do you do if you get a negative comment on your blog or Facebook page? Do you delete it? Do you leave it? Personally, I believe that everyone has the right to express their opinions. I encourage readers to comment on posts and share their thoughts. I'm okay with someone disagreeing with me or telling me I made an … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Make your site work for you

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    To search for all of our  Ask A Blogger articles click here. How do you stay on top of all those affiliate companies. The answer is that in itself is a full-time job. The other answer is to not use more than four or five on a regular basis. I place my earnings in an excel spreadsheet each month. The company that I make the least with gets checked once or twice a week. The ones that I have been successful with I will check daily. How do you define successful. I believe … [Read more...]