Iphone 5 will not ring

iphone will not ring

Iphone 5 will not ring This is so embarrassing to admit. I couldn't figure out why my iphone 5 would not ring. I did what every normal person would do I checked the plus and minus signs on the side of the phone for the volume. It was turned up. Then just above that I checked the switch. It showed the phone was on. The Iphone 5 will not ring still. Then I went into the setting section and I checked to make sure my settings were on. You go to the wheel that says settings on your … [Read more...]

Listen Up! lite App Review


Listen Up! lite App Review With four kids, we are always looking for fun games for them to play on our electronic devices. This can sometimes be a daunting task, since some games are just not kid appropriate. Others, are too hard, or require an adult supervision. And then there are some that are just plain fun for them to play without you having to worry. The Listen Up! lite App has been a fun game for my kids and I. With this game you get to record and guess sound messages with your friends. … [Read more...]

Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales Animated Storybook App Review and Giveaway

hansel and gretel

My kids get very bored if I have to take them with me to the grocery store! Since I use coupons and take my time at the store, it's even more important that I find them something exciting to keep their interest! I've found games and puzzles that we've downloaded to our phone or iPad, but it doesn't keep their interest very long! So, I was excited to find storybook apps were out there! I just got the chance to review the famous Hansel and Gretel - Epic Tales animated storybook app! I love … [Read more...]

Choose What Photos to Share with Out My Window


Sometimes there are personal pictures that you only want to share to your closest friends or relatives, right? Just like a family trip or a reunion where in you carefully chose the persons that you've invited. You may want to share these photos but social media sites are definitely a no-no! The whole world can see your photos on those sites, including those nosey people you may or may not know personally. The solution is outmywindow™, a more personal and private way to share and save our photos. … [Read more...]

Out My Window The Private Way to Share Photos


My family recently attended a wedding of a friend and it was wonderful to see a lot of my friends from college, especially those whom I haven't seen for a few years now. To made that special moment memorable, of course I did not pass up on the chance to take some photos as remembrance. I would have love to immediately share those photos but although I am very active in using social media such as Facebook I know that some of my friends aren't and they may not like the idea that their photos are … [Read more...]

4KidCal Interactive Calendar App


Here's a new edition to our app list for kids. 4KidCal is an interactive calendar app is a great way to teach your children how to get organized. How 4KidCal Works:?? No need to type in plans and cycle through timetables.?To schedule something in the app young users simply: 1.Click on the day they want to schedule something. 2.Click on one of the app’s many audio-enabled interactive reminder icons. 3.Record an audio memo with the “What’s, Where’s, and When’s” or their planned event! For … [Read more...]