Advocare Review

advocare 24 day challenge

Advocare Review Okay the 24 days has ended. I did the 24 day Advocare challenge kinda of......   I am nothing if not honest. I started out strong. I did the cleanse. I felt awesome. I really couldn't believe how great I felt. i hated the fiber drink so I figured out how to drink quickly. I looked great and my skin was amazing. I cheated slightly allowing myself one hershey kiss a night. I know that is naughty but Rome wasn't built in a day. I will say I did cut out all the rest of my sugar … [Read more...]

Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Joyce Update #3

advocare 24 day challenge

Advocare Challenge Advocare Challenge Update #3 – It’s My Time Now! I've completed the Cleanse Phase of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I will have to admit I was initially concerned with the concept of “cleanse.” In other programs I had done, “cleanse” meant knowing where the restroom was wherever you were, frequent trips to it, and gastrointestinal issues. On the contrary, I had no issues with the Cleanse Phase! … [Read more...]

AdvoCare Challenge: Taking Back My Life Day 24 Update

Day 24

ADVOCARE CHALLENGE Day 24 Update: The Journey Continues…. Day 24 So here I sit. It’s Day 24 of the Advocare challenge. I am at the end of the program. I have followed the program to the letter. Not once did I cheat. Not once did I deviate from the rules of the game. I knew exactly what I had to do each and every day for 24 days. I did it and as a result I have shed 15 pounds of weight; something I did not think would happen. Now what? … [Read more...]

Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Joyce Update

advocare 24 day challenge

Before I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I was given a couple packages of the Spark energy drink to sample. It’s a powder that you mix with water. I made it around noon that day and drank it right down. Yummy - watermelon! It had a very pleasant taste, was easy to mix, and I suddenly had a huge burst of energy that sustained for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. I call this burst of energy - “Waaaaaa!” In fact, it was 1:00 a.m. before I was able to fall asleep that evening … [Read more...]

AdvoCare Challenge: Karla’s Day 16 Update

Day 15 Photo

AdvoCare Challenge Day 15 Photo It’s been 16 days. I am super excited about my progress and am ready to shout it from the mountain tops! I am down 11.5 pounds and feel physically great. The Advocare 24 day challenge has given me the boost I need to finally get on track toward a healthier lifestyle. The past 16 days have been a whirlwind to say the least. There have been days that have zipped by without incidence while other days have caused distress and anxiety. This is not an easy task. … [Read more...]

Day 11 Advocare Cleanse

advocare 24 day challenge

Day 11 Advocare Cleanse I am on the Advocare 24 day cleanse. I have been feeling awesome on my cleanse. I actually ate pretty much what I usually ate but I ended up eating more food on this plan. That was an adjustment to me the amount over the type. I have been going to the gym 5 days a week like I normally do. I did ten days of amazing minus the taste of the fiber drink which I figured out how to take in small doses like shots. I even show what my menu looks likes on the … [Read more...]

AdvoCare: It is My Time

Advocare 24 day challenge

Advocare Join me in my weight loss journey!  I am 46 years old, and I have decided it is my time now.  My goal is to lose 100 lbs.  I wasn’t overweight as a child, teen, or young adult. I was comfortable for the most part in my 5’7” body wearing a size 10 or size 12 clothes, and yes, there were times I wished I was a bit smaller.  I got married at 28, started a position as an assistant principal in rather large middle school and was working on my doctorate degree.  I was happy, challenged by … [Read more...]