How to Prepare for Advocare Diet

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Advocare Diet You've heard about Advocare Weight Loss program and now you have been convinced and have decided that you want to lose those extra weight and be fit and healthy as well so you're going to start on the Advocare 24 day challenge. Well, I want you to be successful like we did (read our Advocare Reviews), so we're sharing with you some awesome tips on how to prepare for Advocare Diet! How to Prepare for Advocare Diet: 1. Get a good personal blender and bottle. I use Hamilton … [Read more...]

Advocare Weight Loss

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Advocare Weight Loss Is your goal to be healthy, have more energy and shed those extra pounds so you can do more things and enjoy life? Then check out the Advocare Weight Loss program. AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company that offers world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity. Advocare Weight Loss starts with Advocare 24 Day Challenge Advocare 24 Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity … [Read more...]

Advocare Spark


Advocare Spark This is why I tried Advocare Spark. I have a hard time staying on task. I am self diagnosed as ADD. I used to be always tired. I dislike coffee and making hot tea with not a super idea in the summer. I am also not a fan of hot liquids and small children. I stopped drinking soda because my teeth started to get yellow. I also wasn’t interested in drinking  soda first thing in the morning with breakfast. I have a super busy schedule. I am up at 6:00 am and I drop my kids off at … [Read more...]

Frugal Ways to Save: Shop

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Frugal Ways to Save   I have a frugal ways to save that involve spending money. I know that sounds strange but I am a shopper. The best tip I have for you to build your wardrobe without draining your pocketbook is to buy out of season. I also buy clothes at thrift shops and online. Did you see my list of Cheap Shoe Websites. It is an awesome frugal way to save. I give myself $20 a week to get the best deal on clothing. I love fashion I just can't help myself. I figure we all have a vice … [Read more...]

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse


Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Wow! I did the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.   I thought I would share what I learned. How I handled it and what my results were. I have been blogging about the Advocare 24 day challenge. I know you have been following Karla's Advocare journey.  She got the jump start she needed to lose weight by starting with Advocare 10 Day Cleanse. Check out Karla's latest good weight loss tips below. What I've Learned in 59 days of Healthy Living…. As I sat down to write this week’s … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Advocare Challenge

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Wellness Wednesday: Taking the Advocare Challenge Karla shares with us the things you need to know/do during the first ten days of the Advocare challenge You have to have your mind set to begin this Advocare 24 day challenge. You have to be completely focused and know that it’s going to be difficult at times but you have to make yourself stick to the program completely. No cheating. … [Read more...]

Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Joyce Update #5 Being Honest

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Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Now! Being Honest It’s day 12 of the Advocate 24 Day Challenge, and I have to be honest. I've done well with exercise, done well with taking the supplements when I am supposed to, done well drinking water, but I have to admit it’s not been easy for me to stick strictly to the eating plan. While I have done well for 2/3 of the time, dinner time is hard. I have full control over what I prepare for my family, yet, I don’t always prepare the meals that will … [Read more...]

Advocare Spark Ingredients

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Advocare Spark ingredients I was worried about using spark. I try to limit my sugar. The advocare spark ingredients does not include sugar. I love my spark and it has really helped me add vitamins into my diet. I love this stuff. I have to have on glass a day it has really helped me so much. The container above contains enough for 42 8 oz glasses. I only drink one spark in the morning before and during the gym. I have a friend that drinks two but she used to drink 4 cups of coffee now she is … [Read more...]

24 Day Challenge Advocare

24 Day Challenge Advocare   Are you ready for the   24 Day Challenge Advocare?  I recently completed it. I thought I would share what you need to do before starting the challenge. 1) Decide you are going to do this 2) Make yourself the priority that means do not over commit to everyone else. 3) Get your army on board 4) Get the correct food choices in your house and eliminate food that will tempt you 5) Set reminders on your phone as to when to take your pills/ shakes/ … [Read more...]

Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Joyce Update #4 Exercise

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Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Now! Excercise A week or two before starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I started going to the local gym. To say my body was in shock was an understatement. I dreaded any of the cardio, dreaded any type of plank or core exercise, and what was all of the balancing they were asking us to do?! I am all over the place! … [Read more...]