David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Day 24 and Beyond

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Day 24 and Beyond

David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Day 24 and BeyondI have finished my Advocare 24 day challenge and I am going to continue working to eat healthier and lose weight. I lost a total of 20 pounds and 17.75 inches overall. I can see a big difference in my face and hands. I really didn’t think my hands would feel smaller. I am putting my belt on two notches smaller and my pants are getting to be too big. At work I have had lots of people remark on the weight lose so I know others ...

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review – Lisa’s Day 24 and Beyond

Lisa Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Lisa Advocare Challenge Day 24 and BeyondWell I finished my Advocare 24 day challenge this weekend and I have lost still only 5 pounds. I was not happy about my weight loss not changing since Day 10. I had such bad cravings and still stuck it out and didn’t lose anymore weight. But then I measured myself and I lost a total of 7.5 inches. That is another 4 inches since Day 10. ...

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David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Part 2

David Advocare 24-Day Challenge Review

David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Part 2David vs Advocare ChallengePounds are dropping and inches are melting away quick. During the first 10 days of Advocare 24-day Challenge I went through some rough times with the changes in my diet. Eating every 3 hours on my schedule was a challenge. I can’t always put my work on hold to eat and I usually forget to eat all day. This diet made me pay closer attention to meal timing. After a few days of forcing myself to eat my stomach ...

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge Meal Ideas – Lisa’s Challenge Day 14

Advocare 24 day challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Lisa Advocare Challenge Day 14 Update As of today I have lost 5 pounds and 3.5 overall inches. I have learned that the Fiber drink is good if you mix it with your spark in the morning. I used the orange flavor and it taste like a powder mix orange juice. I have tried the chocolate, berry, and chocolate peanut butter shakes. I did not like the chocolate peanut butter and the berry was ok. My favorite is the chocolate. There are a lot of pills to remember to take at ...

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Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work? – Lisa’s Challenge

Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work?

Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work?When you talk about Advocare the first question that you'll think of is "Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work?" So we're featuring Advocare 24 Day Challenge reviews from actual users. Lisa's Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review for Days 1 - 5I am a 40 year old mom with three kids and I have been married for 13 years. I decided to do the Advocare 24 day challenge for two reasons. The first reason was for my husband. He needs to lose weight. I want him ...

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David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge

David's Advocare 24 Day Challenge

David vs. The Advocare 24 Day ChallengeA little about me; I am 45 years old and need to lose 50 Lbs. I am an extremely active person that has had some rough injuries over the past few years. The injuries have keep me from doing most activities I enjoy. Now that I am healthy and able to exercise I am finding losing the extra weight is not easy. I chose the Advocare Challenge because of friends that have used the products and the results they were able to achieve. ...

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Barbara’s Advocare 24 day Challenge


Advocare 24 day ChallengeBarbara's Advocare 24 day Challenge I started the Advocare 24 day Challenge on February 16, 2015. After seeing my good friend Karla have great success, I decided to give it a try. I was stuck on a plateau, and feeling sluggish. I walked 3-4 days a week, but was not having much in the way of weight loss. I thought the Advocare would be a great jump start to eating healthy and getting more active. It was exciting getting my products, supplements and powered drinks. I ...

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Twelve Months of Weight Loss Journey

advocare 24 day challenge

Weight Loss JourneyTwelve Months: My Journey to health, wellness and renewal Twelve months. 365 days. 8760 hours. 525, 600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. One year ago today (November 11, 2013) I made the decision to take control of my health, wellness and lifestyle. I accepted the gift of the 24 day Advocare Challenge kit from my friend Amee and was ready to start the challenge. Stepping on the scales that Monday morning I choked back the tears, shame and deep sadness as the number stopped at ...

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My Response to your responses on Obesity


If you didn't read the post you can it is Your Child is Obese and It is Your Fault. I sure plucked some nerves. I didn't address some children have weight problems because of health. That is true. That isn't who I speaking about. That isn't the majority. I could google it but let's say that is 5% of the population for argument's sake. The rest of the weight problems are attributed to food choices and lack of exercise. I think I hit a nerve because several of you struggle with weight. The ...

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24 Day Challenge Wrap Up

I just finished my 24 Day Challenge... and what a CHALLENGE that was.  BUT I am feeling better and looking thinner, so I am off to a good start to continue loosing weight and getting healthier.  My clothes are fitting looser, and I notice less fat on my stomach and back (YAY!).I am currently down 6 pounds since I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, so this is a start.  I was really hoping to loose more during the challenge, but I also need to face the facts that I am not technically in ...

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