Dollar General College Dorm Room Savings Trip


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. My daughter, a third year college student lives in a living college (private dorm) which is not a typical dorm.  She and her suitemates are required to clean their own bathrooms and supply their own cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels.  Dollar General is a great place to get these necessary items at an affordable price.  We had a budget of $20 to spend so with … [Read more...]

A&E Modern Dads: Win $1,000 Gift Card #ModernDads Dadgets Contest!

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Modern Dads We live in the 21st century and gone are the days where women just stays at home to raise kids, while men works for the family. Now our family dynamics is changing and there's a growing number of stay-at-home dads. A&E has a fun new reality show entitled Modern Dads, which let's us see the lives of these daddies and their families. Growing up in a traditional family set-up of men working while women raise children, I was instantly curious about Modern Dads. I got a chance … [Read more...]

Campus Book Rentals Pay It Forward Back to School Backpack Challenge

I believe that the children are our future. I believe that we each have the power and opportunity to make a difference. We each have the same time each day but some of us use it wisely while other squander it away. I know that as a teacher the deciding factor between a student that excelled and one that didn't was having someone behind that student that believed in them. … [Read more...]

Kleenex The Brand I Trust for My Important Moments

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies and Kleenex for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.   School is in session or it is close to that time. I know the school list have come. The summer is ending. You can't believe it went so fast. I can't either. I had Kleenex Ultra Soft ™ tissues at the top of my list and I could buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club. These are the five very important reasons for purchase: 1) I … [Read more...]

Your Gift Could Save An Animal’s Life Help ASPCA


ASPCA For over 140 years, the ASPCA has worked tirelessly to end animal cruelty. From education and care to adoption and rescue, the ASPCA is making a life-changing difference for animals across America. Your support will mean so much to the animals right in your community, your donation can save a life. Help ASPCA and donate now! Read Why Choose to be a Furry Foster Parent! Cjheck out our list of People Approved Food for Your Dog and learn how to prepare Healthy Dog Treats Apple Rolls … [Read more...]

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day Today August 8th, DQ will be celebrating Miracle Treat Day. Today participating DQ locations throughout the U.S. and Canada will donate $1 or more from every Blizzard Treat sold to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This is Dairy Queen's Eighth Annual DQ® Miracle Treat Day to Benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. This is to help raise funds to save and improve the lives of kids treated at 170 children’s hospitals across the U.S. and … [Read more...]

Power of Resolve in my Battleground!


Resolve What is your battleground? Mine is the laundry room. Check out the video below on how I handle daily challenges of getting stain out and how the power of RESOLVE makes everything easy! Resolve My Stain Got stain problems or stain solving tips? Head on to The Resolve® Tip Exchange, this is the place to go to solve your toughest laundry stain problems. Got a stain that needs solving? Leave a question. Got a stain solution? Share your tips. This is a … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Retirement?


Disclosure: Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network. All opinions expressed on this post are mine. Retirement? Are you part of the baby boomers generation (born between 1946 and 1964)? This 2013 the oldest baby boomers turn 67 and the big question all over town is if baby boomers are already ready for retirement? Here are some tips on planning for your retirement: 1. I'm sure some of you aren't totally ready to give … [Read more...]

Portable Cell Phone Charger only $14.99

portable cell phone charger

Save 62% on a Portable Cellphone Charger Hottips Rechargeable Smartphone Battery Pack - Portable Cell Phone Charger Trust me - once you have a portable cell phone charger like this Hottips Rechargeable Smartphone Battery Pack,  you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! This nifty little battery pack is about 1 ½ times larger than the iPhone 5 battery. It comes with 2200 milliamps, which means you'll have plenty of power on the go! It's very compact, so you can charge your device while … [Read more...]

Giveaway from and Kohls

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Madame Deals is happy to join Adventures of 8 and Blog with Mom in a new Advertise with Bloggers Event! How many gift cards do you have sitting around? Do you have gift cards to stores or restaurants that you either don't visit often or are not near you? Well, stop letting that money just sit around, instead go to and turn that unwanted gift card into cash or into the gift card that you could use! Cool, right? … [Read more...]