Watch Videos to Donate to Families of Fallen Soldiers

Gold Star Family organization

In celebration of Memorial Day, LifetimeMoms are honoring the Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen who have lost their lives while serving our country and the ones they've left behind. Lifetime Moms is donating $1 per video view to families of fallen soldiers now through May 31st. They will donate up to $10,000 for views between May 21- May 31. Please click on the links below and watch the videos and let us help the families of our brave fallen soldiers. Going It Alone: Gold Star Wife ...

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Shot@Life Champion: Trina O’Boyle Interview

World Immunization Week

Shot@Life 1st Birthday Bash World Immunization Week Did you know that every 20 seconds a child dies of a disease that could have been prevented, if only they have received the proper vaccine. This is a sad fact and a global problem, that's why when I was asked to be part of Shot@Life 1st Birthday Bash I immediately said yes. This is an opportunity to raise awareness because every child deserves a shot at a healthy life. To let everyone know that immunization is a must and very important ...

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Want to See the Future of Frozen Food?


Frozen Food Check out this super cute Marie Callender's and Healthy Choice video. This shows how technology and instant information can make the frozen food aisle a simpler place. Inspired by Google technology, the ad follows two shoppers as they make their way through the grocery store picking their favorite, family-friendly meals from the two brands. Marie Callender's and Healthy Choice use crisp vegetables, tender meats and perfectly al dente pasta to create chef-inspired entrées and ...

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Madame Deals Birthday Party


I can't believe in April it will have been 4 years since this site was started. If you read my Mail Box story you will know why this year is so special. I achieved financial success  and it all revolves around what I put in my mailbox. That being said their is one thing that has been pivotal to our success at Madame Deals and it is our desire to share. We love to share opportunities with our review team and invite you to work for us using our job board. We share the money, money, money we make ...

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Special treasures

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The Limoge box was created a long time ago by skilled artists in France. They are still created with the same attention to detail and they have the same wide spread appeal that they did when they came out in the 1700's. The French Limoges porcelain hinged boxes appeared in the early 19th century and soon became a collectible item. I have always thought Limoge boxes were amazing. I imagine they could be used to house tiny treasures or they could be placed in an amazing collection. They are the ...

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Reminder: Expired Coupons for troops!


It is that time to clear out my Coupon Solution and do something good with my expired coupons. You can also donate your coupons to the Military. I was able to send 21 lbs of coupons last month. Thanks to the people in my town! You can Grab the addresses HERE if this interest you! This is a great project for everyone. The base that I said my coupons to has the girl scout troop sort the coupons! ...

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Click it Forward

I saw this great article that answers a lot of questions people ask... How do you make Money? You can read the whole Article at Mom Trends.  I just pulled out a couple of lines. "If you like a feature, article or post, click an ad." "To be frank, Every Click Counts." Many blogs such as Madame Deals and Momtrends are supported by affiliate programs. We literally get paid for every click by our readers. So by checking out the links on our sites (like that lovely Mercedes ad that popped up ...

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A&E's Heavy Week 2

Rickywayne and Jessica Once again I sat on the edge of my seat as I watched Rickywayne and Jessica battle their severe food addiction and extreme obesity. As the show began I was fairly certain that neither one of them would achieve success. It appeared that they both lacked a support system at home which is essential if you suffer from this or any other addiction. My heart broke as I watched Jessica feed her children the same unhealthy food she was eating as I have found myself doing that ...

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Ask a Blogger: How do you make a button

The button ... everyone has one.  I don't mean belly.  I mean blog buttons.  This is the easiest way to promote who you are.  I am going to show you how to make one in under 5 minutes. Where do you get them? You can make your own.  I will show you the easiest way I know.  I say if I can do it, anyone can do it. Step 1: Think of your theme Step 2: Search for or create an image to use for your button. Here are a couple of sites that have nice images. Make sure that they are not ...

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