New Feature: Madame Deals Store Deals Site

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We have been working behind the scenes here at Madame Deals for the last few weeks on some new features. I have actually wanted these changes for a long time and I am so excited to see things coming along! From now on, all of the Grocery Store Deals will be posted on a separate page of Madame Deals. That means that the front page will not be cluttered up with all of the grocery store deals. It became apparent that many of the coupons, hot offers and general posts were getting missed with all of … [Read more...]

Tomato Thief & Garden Update

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It has been awhile since I have given you a garden update. We had one of the best garden's we have ever had! Unfortunately with the heat we had many of the plants are dead now. I am already missing the zucchini and yellow squash. Thankfully I froze some for use this winter. Our Bell Pepper and Tomato plants still look really good and are producing. My basil and rosemary are doing well too. The problem is I have a tomato thief! I think the squirrels are coming and taking the tomatoes as they … [Read more...]

New Features on Madame Deals

I have been working on Madame Deals a bit this weekend and having fun adding new features! It is still a work in progress but I wanted to update you on a few things. My goal is to keep Madame Deals easy to use. We have had the store logo feature on our sidebar for over a year now. Basically you can click on a store logo in the sidebar and it will display the current deals for that store. The big box we had made the site load slowly and it took up a HUGE space. I finally found a tabbed widget … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Super Doubles

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Note: I lost my receipt so these are as close as I can remember prices. My super doubles trip I spent $122.18  but I didn't spend $262.82.  I was still under budget which is now $125.00 for the five of us. What did I buy? I bought two packages of steak, shrimp, tilipia, mussels, hamburger, sushi, fake crab(son loves this wrapped in bacon), and chicken. I got the basics Milk, OJ for 1/2 off, Bread (for free), veggies, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Yes, we all have different basics. I am trying … [Read more...]

Happy 10th Anniversary weekend to us!

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  I thought I would share our how we met story.... My Alpha Xi Delta sisters met some "Navy guys" at Pleasure Island. This is a Disney owned club so don't get any funny ideas. My friend Amy met "some" guy named Chris (who became her husband) and they hung out. (This is the picture from their wedding.) There was a bit of drama since Karen also thought Chris was cute. Amy decided that wasn't going to happen so when she found out these "Navy guys" were coming to Gainesville to hang  … [Read more...]

On My Way to BlogHer Conference!

I am on my way to New York City and the BlogHer Conference! I am so excited! I will be joining over 2,000 other women bloggers from all different niches. Connecting with other bloggers and companies is one of the main focuses of BlogHer. I will be meeting up with a few friends such as Sara, Ann and Heather who I have already met in real life. Plus, I will be making new friends with my roommates Alecia and Mel who I only know online! While I am in NYC, I am attending several fun events! I am … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of My Energizers- Energizer Smart ChargHer BlogHer’10

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I am headed to BlogHer Conference in New York City in a few weeks. I am hoping to go as an Energizer Smart ChargHer! If you haven't heard, Energizer has teamed up with Barefoot Mommies and An Island Life and they are offering FOUR $2,000 sponsorships to BlogHer. This is my entry into An Island Life's Sponsorship Giveaway. So why do I deserve to be an Energizer Smart ChargHer? Like most people entering this contest I have a list of positive attributes: I work hard, I need to be recharged, I … [Read more...]

If I Win, You Win! Help Me Win the Energizer Smart ChargHer Sponsorship

As you all know, I am entering to win a $2,000 sponsorship to BlogHer provided by Energizer. Barefoot Mommies and An Island Life are both hosting the sponsorship giveaways. The winners will be picked based on creativity and how much they spread the word about the contest. If you follow me on twitter, I am certain you have seen a tweet or two or three! I reeeeally want to win and be an Energizer Smart ChargHer at BlogHer. As you may have guessed, New York City is expensive. I am staying for 3 … [Read more...]

Have Questions? We Are Here For You!

I was talking with a friend today and she mentioned that someone she knows is just getting started with couponing. This person is bit confused on how the whole process works. It occurred to me that some of you may have questions too! I hope you know that you can email us or use the contact form at any time. I can usually answer questions within 24 hours. Also, feel free to leave a comment on a post. Sometimes I can't answer the email immediately, but another reader may know the answer to your … [Read more...]