Things a Mom Says

Funny things mom say

Things a Moms Says It wasn't that long ago that I rolled my eyes at my mother. I rolled my eyes because of the things a mom says to their child. Then one day I awoke and realize those same things were rolling off of my tongue. Do you know what is worse? I am saying even crazier things than my parents said to me. I figured since almost everyone who works on the Madame Deals team is a mom we would write our.. "I can't believe I really said that list." Things a Mom Says: 1) Your brother is ...

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The loss of a Furry Family Member


This morning started out like any other for us, other than a storm that was brewing, everyone was sleeping peacefully, until my mother-in-law screamed my name. This is not something that anyone likes to wake up too. Losing a Pet is like losing a Family Member. This was our Furbaby Adolph (So named because of his certain style of mustache he had when he was little). When I heard that scream this morning, it was because of him. He had collapsed. We rushed him to the nearest Vet Hospital ...

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The Tattoo Saga Continues:The Story Behind the Ink


First off, let me say how thankful I am for all your kind words about my tattoos, and in general about moms with tattoos. I had quite a few people leave me comments, or even email me personally asking me what the "story" behind my tattoos were. Well I would be happy to share them with you! My tattoos: the Early Days. Ok, so when you hear your parents/teachers/other adults tell you that you're going to regret that crazy tattoo you got..sometimes they are right.. Exhibit A, this is the ...

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I’m still a great mom..even if I have Tattoos


Would you think less of a Mom, if she had visible tattoos? Inspiration for posts can come from anywhere, funny things that happen, an interesting news story, or in this case, a hateful comment directed at you. I was shopping last night with my 4 year old, (she just had to have a Gameboy, right that second, so, being the awesome mom I am, I drove 30 miles away to a game store, in the rain, at 7 pm) when a women whom I had never seen before came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. What came ...

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ALL YOU Magazine

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ALL YOU Magazine is out and I am in it! <--- check it out Yeah! The secret is out. I should remind you. I am not a frugal blogger. I am a deal blogger. I know what does that mean? It means I pay myself first and I pay all my bills and then I like to buy the things I want. I do not care how long it takes or if the item is what my husband would consider "Silly". If I want something I will work to save towards buying it. I think ALL YOU magazine if a great place to gather tips to cut your ...

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Yahoo Shine Entrepreneur

Headshot 2012

Dear Friends, Readers, Family, and everyone who supports my vision- I am happy to announce I was select as Yahoos Women who Shines  Top Entrepreneur. I have to say I am tickled pink. There were several categories and I was nominated for one that best describes my intent as a business professional. You see I know I am three people's mom and one person's wife but I also value being my own person. I value having dreams and being defined by my success and tenacity. I never want to be "good ...

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thanksgiving pictures

  I was recently asked to explain why I am Thankful. That is a really loaded question. I really do not have anything not to be thankful for. I learned a long time ago that every minute counts and with every action you should think of the reaction. I know that being thankful isn't as important as setting an example. I know that being a good person helps me to be a better wife and mother. I know that if you look at a problem long enough there is a solution. I am not afraid of the work ...

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The Power of One:145th Day

This is my journey for a year.  I am starting it to get to know you and perhaps get to know myself better. I want Madame Deals to be a place which you come to because you know you are valued.  We are here to help you make dollar$ out of change. I believe change is hard to accomplish without a team and support. We hope to be your motivational team as you strive towards the life you want. The power of one is my challenge to myself to make a difference. I truly believe every person has the power to ...

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Noshes: A Little Help & 100 Cut Coupons (CLOSED)

Both my husband and I work jobs where we bring something to eat during our work shift.  A full meal doesn’t usually fit the bill so we pack what we call “noshes.” defines “nosh” as: a snack. (From German via Yiddish.) :  I don’t want a nosh. I need a whole meal. It’s origin is from Yiddish nashn “nibble,” from M.H.G. naschen, from O.H.G. hnascon, nascon “to nibble,” from P.Gmc. *khnaskwajanan. Earlier as a noun (1917) meaning “a restaurant,” short for nosh-house. At this point, ...

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Put One Foot in Front of the Other

I'll admit it ... these days I need a little motivation to do some of the most basic things.  Working two full-time jobs is starting to take its toll.  My house is not filthy but it is far from clean.  The pantry, which used to be fully stocked, is running a little bare.  Fortunately, my husband continues to do the laundry and ironing, make the bed, and transport Missy to where she needs to go. It is time to regroup and make a plan.  Here are the first few things I need to do:  make a basic ...

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