Yahoo Shine Entrepreneur

Headshot 2012

Dear Friends, Readers, Family, and everyone who supports my vision- I am happy to announce I was select as Yahoos Women who Shines  Top Entrepreneur. I have to say I am tickled pink. There were several categories and I was nominated for one that best describes my intent as a business professional. You see I [...]


thanksgiving pictures

  I was recently asked to explain why I am Thankful. That is a really loaded question. I really do not have anything not to be thankful for. I learned a long time ago that every minute counts and with every action you should think of the reaction. I know that being thankful isn’t as [...]

Noshes: A Little Help & 100 Cut Coupons (CLOSED)

Both my husband and I work jobs where we bring something to eat during our work shift.  A full meal doesn’t usually fit the bill so we pack what we call “noshes.” defines “nosh” as: a snack. (From German via Yiddish.) :  I don’t want a nosh. I need a whole meal. It’s origin [...]