Things a Mom Says

Funny things mom say

Things a Moms Says It wasn’t that long ago that I rolled my eyes at my mother. I rolled my eyes because of the things a mom says to their child. Then one day I awoke and realize those same things were rolling off of my tongue. Do you know what is worse? I am [...]

Weight Loss: A Q&A Session

weight loss

Recently, I wrote a post regarding my recent 55 pound weight loss (Now up to 61 pounds!) If you missed the article, here it is: The day I realized I was overweight. Since writing that post I have gotten countless emails from Madame Deal’s wonderful fans with comments, praise, and questions. First I would like [...]

The loss of a Furry Family Member


This morning started out like any other for us, other than a storm that was brewing, everyone was sleeping peacefully, until my mother-in-law screamed my name. This is not something that anyone likes to wake up too. Losing a Pet is like losing a Family Member. This was our Furbaby Adolph (So named because of his certain style [...]

The day I realized I was overweight


The day I realized I was overweight. This is me, (Rachelle, the newest edition to the Madame Deals Team!) on 08/05/12, My birthday. This was the day I realized I was fat. I know some people are thinking..How could you not know that? Well, no one told me, ever. My story is a little different [...]