Changes on Madame Deals

Okay, you may have noticed a few changes on our sidebar! I am trying to make Madame Deals a little more user friendly. The biggest will now see the store logos near the top of the page. If you click on a store logo, you will find the most recent deals for that store! Also, I have moved the subscription options to the top. Sign up for RSS feed to read our posts in a feed reader. You can also follow Madame Deals on twitter or become a fan on facebook! If you prefer daily e-mails, … [Read more...]

Just for the Joy of it: Be Thankful

It has been an interesting week for me. I have come to realize how truly blessed and lucky I am. My boys are healthy, funny, caring and smart kids. Although there are days that are really difficult; fighting, destroying the house, rough housing, throwing tantrums, etc. Even on our worst days, there is someone else in the world that is having a more difficult time. I know this is true but sometimes I need a reminder. I have been following the story of an amazing little boy named Stellan. He has … [Read more...]

Just for the Joy of it: The Great Purge

Today came with a huge decision to make: Harris Teeter Triple coupons or clean the house. Now, if you know me or have been following Madame Deals, I have a very hard time resisting a good deal! I long for Harris Teeter triples! On the other hand, my children's toys are taking over the house. I can not stand it an longer. So, I made the decision to stay home and begin the "great purge"! I am simply tired of all of the clutter and frankly, the kids do not play with half of the toys anyways. I … [Read more...]

Ladies Latte: Making Dollars Out of Change

Madame Deals will be speaking at Ladies Latte on Thursday November 5th! Please join Amee, Renae and Connie for an evening out. Amee and Renae will be talking about financial planning and making small changes in your life to save money. Connie will be speaking about cooking from a stockpile. It starts at 7:00 and meets in the Chapel which is in the Family Life Center at Effort Baptist Church. Free childcare is provided in the nursery which is located in the Sanctuary building. … [Read more...]

Just for the Joy of It: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Is the song ringing through your head yet? My youngest son, Brennan, is 17 months old. He doesn't say many words yet. Brennan understands what we are saying but chooses to point and grunt instead of using words. Of course, Mason does a fair share of talking for Brennan too! This week, I picked up Brennan and he pointed to my hair and said "hair".  He then continued to point to my eyes, nose, ears mouth and teeth. Brennan named each body part as he pointed to it. Amazing! When he got to naming my … [Read more...]

BlissDom Conference

Madame Deals is so excited to announce that we will attending BlissDom in February 2009! This will be our first blogging conference. We are so excited to be able to meet some of our friends that we work together with here on Madame Deals; Layla, Ann and Heather. This conference will provide us with the opportunity to learn how to better improve Madame Deals. On another note, we are looking for sponsors for the conference. Please contact us for more information! … [Read more...]

Just for the Joy of it: Kid Conversation

Good True & Beautiful is starting a new Thursday discussion; Just for the Joy of it. I think this is a great idea to sit down and take a moment to review the JOY in our life! I had the pleasure of taking just Mason with me to run errands today. It is a rare occasion that I have time with just him (he is 3 and usually we have little brother Brennan with us who is 17 months). It was nice to have some one on one time and our conversation brought such joy this morning. Mason: "Why are trees … [Read more...]


Welcome to Madame Deals Old Farm Day Goers! We are so glad to have met you today. If you are new to using coupons, check out our Coupons 101information. To locate the store deals and coupon matchups, click on the store logos on the right sidebar. We usually host giveaways every week. This week we are giving away $75 worth of Vickery & Clarke natural facial products. This contest ends tonight at 10pm. Madame Deals believes in a strong sense of community. Therefore, we have a community … [Read more...]

We Made the List!

Wow! We are so ecited to be considered one of the best Blogs/ websites out there. Click here to see other sites dedicated to helping you save money and time.  In the article 100 Best Blogs for Entrepreneurial-Minded Moms by Adrienne Carlson. It is important to us that the content on our site reflects the struggles we all face and the resolve to overcome those struggles. We hope that we can help you find a solution to your coupons as well as, making sure it all gets done with in the … [Read more...]