Welcome to the New Madame Deals

Welcome to our new site! We have been working behind the scene for weeks now to bring you a new site design. We know that change can be frustrating (I have heard my friends complaining about facebook changes!), but we want Madame Deals to have a unique look and easily navigated. We found an awesome designer (Thank you Richard!) who was able to give us our new custom look. There are some changes that will be happening over the week to make the site even better. Hang in there with us as we make … [Read more...]

Last Day: Fill Out Survey & Enter to Win $25 Gift Card

Please remember to fill out the survey for Madame Deals. Your feedback is very much appreciated! You are welcome to fill out the survey anonymously. However, to be entered in the $25 1-800 Flowers gift card giveaway you will need to provide you e-mail address! By the way, 1-800 Flowers offers a lot more than just flowers! This gift card can be used at Cheryl & Company, Fannie May and the Popcorn Factory too! Go to Fresh Gift to check out the sister stores. This will be the last time we bug … [Read more...]

Madame Deals Survey & Giveaway

Amee and I are always striving to improve Madame Deals. We can't do it without a little help from you! We want to hear from you about what you like, don't like and want more of. We also need to collect some demographic information. Don't worry, it won't take but a couple of minutes to fill out the form! And as an extra incentive, we are offering a $25 1-800 Flowers gift card to one person! Please, note that you do not have to include your e-mail address. You can fill out the survey anonymously. … [Read more...]

My Super Market Encounter

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So, I never thought I would be followed in the supermarket but it happened. I was shopping at Harris Teeters. I had out my Madame Deals Coupon Solution, my daughter, snacks, toys, and my shopping list. I was off to a good start throwing free or really cheap items galore into my cart. I got my 20 items and then gathered all my other groceries. I have such limited time that I rarely go to more than one store a week so I have to get everything we need at once. My order rang up at $189.09. Then I … [Read more...]

The Valentine's Day Edition: How do you show Love in your house?

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The best thing about being a child is they innately love. I have to say that has been the greatest joy that I have experienced as a parent is watching the way my children show love. Today, is the day of love. So, in its honor I invite you to embrace who you are and give yourself permission to be just you. The person that you are is not only good enough, but great. Here are some ideas that we use in our house to show our  children love : 1) Love notes: I make picture notes for my son and leave … [Read more...]

We are on the Road to Blissdom

Amee and I are on the road today to a blogging conference in Nashville Tennessee called Blissdom. We are so excited and giddy! We will be able to meet some fantastic bloggers that we work with and many that we have admired. Meeting these fabulous women in person is such a pleasure. We have the honor of having dinner with Tara and Mandi, attending Savvy Blogging, meeting other network contributors and Heather from Inexpensively, chatting with Ann in person and meeting Renae's blogging mentor … [Read more...]

Friday Fails: Menu Plan & Cleaning

It has been a very busy week for me. Getting ready for Blissdom has me hustling and bustling. I will be away from my family for four days. If I want my boys to eat something other than pancakes, waffles and macaroni & cheese, then I need to get cooking! Yes, last week my husband made waffles for dinner and then the very next morning pancakes...a little syrup and butter overload! So, in all of my preparation for next week, I did not make a menu plan for this week. We have just been winging … [Read more...]

Friday Fails: Oranges & Dinner Timeline

Husband: "What kind of oranges did you buy?" Me: "What do you mean? Regular oranges." Husband: "I have never seen an orange like this. Something is wrong with it!" I came over to look at this mysterious orange and discovered I had bought blood oranges by mistake! My husband had never heard of such a thing and was concerned about the state of the orange. The unfortunate thing is that they are a bit to tart for my boys. The other fail this week- my oven was turned off midway though cooking a … [Read more...]

Making a Pot Roast for the Dogs

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One of my goals for Madame Deals is to keep it real. I am not perfect, nor is Amee. I am learning on this frugal adventure on a daily basis. This week I had a BIG fail. As many of you know, I have been participating in the pantry challenge. Before I started the challenge, I went shopping for meat. That is one thing we had little of in our freezer stockpile. I bought a beautiful roast. With little room in my fridge, it ended up in the bottom drawer. Can you guess? Yes, I forgot about the roast! … [Read more...]

E-mail Subscribers: Important Note

Thank you so much to all of our e-mail subscribers. When we first started Madame Deals we didn’t know exactly what we were doing! When we set up the e-mail subscription, we used the e-mail address starting with ameefree@; which is Amee’s junk mail account. We would like to change the e-mail address to madamedeals at gmail dot com. That way we can receive all of the e-mails you reply too! Tomorrow the e-mail will be changed. We are hopeful that it will not change anything on your end. Please know … [Read more...]