How to Look Younger

how to look younger

How to Look Younger I am entering my 40th year on Earth and I think I look pretty close to what I looked like 20 years ago. I was recently at a wedding and someone I hadn't seen in 20 years told me I aged well. I am sure that is a compliment so it got me thinking. What have I done to "age well". Then I thought about how to look younger and this is what I came up with. 1) Drink Water and we even have a water printable I love to make these detox water drinks this is my favorite the ...

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My New Years Resolution is to Be Kind

new years resolution 2015

I resolve to track my journey daily on my site I plan to make an effort to do one kind deed a day. I plan to do so not to change the world but to change how I see the world. I plan to take small steps toward the person I want to become. I do not plan to look back and I do not plan to judge the person I used to be. The first thing I will do is be brave. I plan to remove everyone from my life who does not belong. I am going to "unfriend" all the people who do not add ...

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GhostTunes and Garth Brooks New Song Mom


Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ghost Tunes or MomTrends. GhostTunes and Garth Brooks Mom If you ask me what being a mom means. I will say it means everything. It is the single best thing I have ever done. It is the job that is never done and the job you never want to end. It is a single kiss and a great big hug. It is the smile because you know. It is a smile ...

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Being Kind Counts


Being Kind Counts I had an idea. I know. I always have random ideas. I woke up one night and bought the url I knew I wanted to do something big. I just wasn't sure what. Then I had an idea if I could take 30 days and 30 bloggers and ask each person to do a good deed I would have 30 deeds accomplished. Well that seems simple. Then I thought if each of the 30 bloggers invited two people and their two people invited two people. We could accomplish my goal. The goal I ...

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Giving Back Pack


BLOGGER EVENT Dear Friends, This isn't just any event to me. It is the single most important event we do. The reason is simple we have the ability to make a real difference using the power of our influence. We have the power to inspire others to give by setting the example ourselves. I realize budgets are tight so we bust our bottoms every year to find a brand to sponsor our event to give backpacks to kids in need. The concept is simple our sponsor will provide you with $25. Then we ...

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Life Changing Love Story

life changing love story

Life Changing Love Story    I often wonder if you are a part of your experiences or are experiences part of what makes you whole? I haven't ever shared this because some of me wonders if it really happened. I do believe in the other world and I do believe in signs so I guess I question the existence of the event. This life changing experience happened two winters ago. I often have moments of struggle. I struggle with staying home. I often can't stand it. I stay home because that was the ...

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Easy Mexican Dip Recipes

easy mexican dip recipes

Easy Mexican Dip Recipes These are my favorite easy Mexican dip recipes. I love them because they are simple. They do not require a lot of ingredients and they are very yummy! The  Mexican dip featured in the image uses only three ingredients. It can made by anyone. It can even be  a crockpot dip recipes. You would just cook it on warm and then put the cheese on right before you were going to serve it! The ingredients for this Easy Mexican Dip Recipes are: 1) Cream Cheese 2) Can of ...

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Cube Steak Crockpot Recipe

pepper cube steak

Cube Steak Crockpot Recipe I see this cut of meat called cube steak all the time. I only see it used it stews. I decided I could make a freezer to crockpot meal with it. I am currently into making large quantities of soups that freeze well. I figured I could conquer a  Cube Steak Crockpot Recipe.   Cube Steak Crockpot Recipe Ingredients: 2 lbs cube steak 3 large bell peppers (one red, and one yellow, one green) 1 Can of tomato sauce 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 ...

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Why I didn’t do my work


I really shouldn't admit I didn't do my work today. I was going to research an article on kids that feel entitled because of society. I had my schedule all organized. I went to bed late because I did my work for today last night I was on a roll and decided to keep going. That ended at 12:30 am. I thought I had it all planned out and then I went to bed. Sleep was short lived about an hour and half after I went to bed I was woken up by someone who climbed on top of me in bed in tears. It was a ...

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I Love You Because


    I Love you Because In our fast paced world we often forget to let the people we love know how much they mean. We remember when someone is sick or has a special event. The rest of the days pass without much mention of love. We think they already "know" how we feel. They must we put in hours of hard work. We rearrange our schedules. We haven't really slept in years because we are thinking about or taking care of those that we love. We are forgetting one important step and necessity in our ...

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