Catalina Coupons: Can They be Used at Competitor's Stores?


Often we talk about Catalina coupons. Catalinas are coupons that print out at the register at many grocery stores and Walgreens. They are put out by Catalina Marketing.
Basically, it is a marketing tool for companies. Catalinas have nothing to do with the store where they are printed. It is the product manufacturers who strike a deal with Catalina Marketing. Catalinas can be for money off your next total purchase, for a free product or for money off a specific item. The Walgreens catalinas are for money of your next purchase.

The catalinas are triggered by items you buy. Sometimes a competitors coupon will print. For example, if you bought Coffee-mate Creamer, an International Delight Creamer coupon may print. Money off your next order catalinas may print if you buy a certain number of products; like the Old El Paso deal earlier this year. When the catalinas do print, they will have the stores logo on them. Most catalinas will say manufacturers coupon on them. However, I have seen a few that say store coupon.

I have used catalinas that printed at one store at another store. They are manufacturers coupons and they scan without beeping. Recently, there has been more and more trouble with this. I would just ask the store you are shopping at. If they take competitors coupons, they most likely will take a catalina from a competitor. My mom recently went into the stores she shopped and asked at the customer service desk. Albertsons said no and Vons said yes (she lives in California!). So, catalina coupons may or may not work at competitor’s stores; it may differ per region, store and cashier.

If you have a problem with a catalina not printing I would check with customer service before leaving the store to see if they can help you. If customer service at the store can not assist you call customer service at Catalina Marketing at 1-888-8coupon. Obviously you wouldn’t know if a regular coupon was suppose to print. But, if you are at Walgreens or if you know of a catalina promotion, such as buy X get $Y off your next order, give them a call.


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