Carapelli Oil Olive: My Personal Taste Test & $1 Off Coupon

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Did you know you can taste test olive oil much like you would a fine wine?  Here’s the scoop:

Like tasting wine, oil tasters employ the four S’s:  Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow

First, you swirl the olive oil in your glass which releases the molecules which contain the aroma.  Second, you inhale deeply.  The aroma is the key to the fruitiness of the oil. 

You then sniff the oil to determine if the aroma is intense or more subtle. 

Next you slurp, sipping the oil while “sipping” in a bit of air.  This slurping action emulsifies the oil and helps spread it throughout your mouth.  When you do this, take note of the various tastes and sensations such as whether it is fruity, peppery, or smooth. 

Lastly, you swallow.  The oil should leave your mouth with no aftertaste.  Again, you will take note of any peppery or stinging sensation in your mouth.

My husband and I tested this method using Carapelli’s Premium 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I have always thought of most olive oils as being “just olive oil.”  After this taste test, I’ll never think that again.  We found the olive oil to have a pleasant aroma, a smooth taste, and a slightly peppery aftertaste.

I learned Carapelli has been making olive oil since 1893 and now reigns as Italy’s No. 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil.   Carapelli was the first producer to promote bottled extra virgin olive oil in Italy.  It adheres to a strict certification program which meets and exceeds the extensive, strict quality specifications required in Europe and the United States.  The reasoning behind this is simple:  provide customers with reassurance about the consistent, premium quality of Carapelli Olive Oils. 

Carapelli officer a distinctive line of three varieties of extra virgin olive oils: 

Premium 100% Italian (which we taste tested) is made solely from the first cold pressing of the finest 100% Italian olives with an intense, robust flavor and aroma.

Il Numerato is a supremely smooth and low acidity oil that is a result of a delicate cold pressing of olives.

Organic is obtained only from organically grown olives and produced according to organic, certified USDA farming standards.

All in all, this was an interesting experience. How would you like to taste test Carapelli olive oil?  Well, here’s your chance to do just that and save $1.00 OFF coupon at www.CarapelliUSA.comOnce you’ve tried it, let us know what you think!

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