Caption that Photo Contest: March 8th Winner

The Winning Caption in our Photo Contest

photo contest

The Person who came up with our Winning Photo Contest Caption is Annette R.

The Dog featured in in this Photo Contest is Buddy. Buddy is one of the many dogs that are in foster homes with Home Fur-Ever Rescue. Home Fur-Ever Rescue is the dog rescue that Gwen works with and fosters for.  Home Fur-Ever Rescue was started in 2003 and has re-homed over 4,500 dogs.

Buddy’s story is an example of how often dogs are mistreated and neglected. Buddy was left out in the freezing cold and suffered frost bite to his ears, tail, and his “boy parts”. He was also suffering to damage to his right front leg. With the help of a loving volunteer and a chance by Home Fur-Ever Rescue he was able to keep his leg. He did have a large portion of his tail amputated and little pieces of his ears have been lost due to the frostbite. He is doing well now and this is because people like you and I refused to give up and take a chance on a dog that everyone else has given up.

This picture represents why adopting from an animal rescue is so important. Don’t these dogs deserve a second chance! If you are looking for a pet or a way to give back check Petfinder for a local Animal Rescue in your area.

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