Canvas People $25 Credit Plus FREE Shipping

UPDATE: I misunderstood this promo. I guess the $25 is already reflected on their price list. So, the 8×10 picture is $24.99 which includes shipping. Not as good a deal as I thought. Sorry about that!

Canvas People is offering $25 off plus free shipping! Take a picture and turn it into a canvas. These are normally pretty pricey and the shipping charge is normally around $15 or more. The small 8×10 canvas is $24.99.

Has anyone ordered from Canvas People before? I think I will order a picture from our vacation!

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  1. ACW says

    I must not be doing something right. It’s showing an 8×10 as regularly $49.99 but when the coupon is applied, it’s $24.99…

    • Madame Deals says

      Sorry about that. I misunderstood that the $24.99 was the discount price. I thought the discount would be taken at checkout. Not a great deal after all!

  2. nicole roberts says

    I have ordered from them three times before, but this deal does not seem to be as good as the usual deal. Normally you can get the 8×10 for free and just pay shipping, which is (I think) usually around $12. If you sign up with canvaspeople email, you get the free code all the time. They do beautiful work and it makes a nice gift, but I wouldn’t pay $25 for it.

    • Madame Deals says

      Thanks Nicole! I am glad to know that their work is great! I will look for the other promo code.

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