Campus Book Rentals Pay It Forward Back to School Backpack Challenge

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I believe that the children are our future. I believe that we each have the power and opportunity to make a difference. We each have the same time each day but some of us use it wisely while other squander it away. I know that as a teacher the deciding factor between a student that excelled and one that didn’t was having someone behind that student that believed in them.

I have taught several grades and I have taught in what I would call the classes with the most at risk students. I never treated those students any differently I expected that they preform and they did. What did I do differently than the teachers before? What did I do that took the biggest bully in the cafeteria and convert him into the student that came in early to learn math. Well that is simple I believed so much in the student that I convinced them to believe in themselves. I gave them the tools to do their job.

When I left the classroom to raise my own children one thing remained the same and that is I am still a teacher. I have become a successful blogger. I define success as someone who inspires others to live their dreams through hard work and the fortitude to stick with it and evolve with knowledge. I decided last year to inspire other bloggers to give back. We all have the talent to open our heart and take a moment to apply our savvy shopping skills to reach the children that need that “You can do it you are worthy.” We may look like we are providing just a bag of school supplies but we aren’t we are providing an opportunity.

I am a bit of an over achiever by nature. I am not easily satisfied so just filling one backpack wasn’t enough for me. I recruited 85 bloggers to join me in an event that is close to my heart for so many reasons. I know how much school supplies mean to children that do not have them. I also know that we each have the power to do something great for someone else. This years goal is to help at least 100 students get to school with the tools they need. I would like to thank the folks at Campus Book Rentals for partnering with Madame Deals Media  for making my dream a reality.

I spent $25 on the first bag and because I am the deal queen I was able to put away $75 this summer and stuff bags for more students. This is all part of my $100 story, I hope that you continue to support my site by sharing it with your friends and visiting daily. It is through your readership that I am able to do so much for so many. I am thankful for this opportunity everyday.

You can help others for free here are 100 ways!

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