Calvin Klein's black dress

The little black dress for LESS, much LESS P1010264

            There are two things I like designer clothes and cheap prices. I also like clothes that you can dress up or down.

I believe there isn’t another piece of clothing as important as a black dress. I found this amazing number at Marshals on clearance. It is a Calvin Klein dress sold in most department store for well over $150.00. I picked  this dress because it is a classic wardrobe component.  This dress forms a wonderful silhouette. I can wear it forever. I only paid $29.00 which is over my $20.00 limit but I can wear this dress to work, a night out, or around town by just changing my accessories.

I pulled some items that I bought for previous Friday post to pair with my new dress!


Outfit #2 features a red necklace which is a new find $.99 at goodwill you never know what you can find.  

The  #3rd outfit pairs an Ann Taylor loft jacket another goodwill find for just $3.50.

The #4th Outfit uses the Mossimo Jacket to jazz up the dress. It was another amazing “steal” from goodwill for just $3.50

The final outfit tops off the black dress with fun Fork coat that was $26.00 at Natalie’s Dressed. 

Change your shoes to change your look….






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