Buy a book, provide clean water!

Buy a book, provide clean water!



Did you know 320 million Africans are without access to clean water? 320 million. That is a HUGE number of people that don’t have access to something most of us take for granted. Without clean water….

  • It leaves communities in poverty
  • Water-related diseases take the lives of 2,000 children daily
  • Many people spend 20 hours a week hauling water to their homes
  • and poverty spreads HIV/AIDS and other diseases quickly

So what can we do to help?

The wonderful people behind the book Couch Rebels have partnered with Blood:Water Mission to help bring clean water to families in Africa. For every book sold, Blood:Water Mission, will be able to provide three people with clean water for one year. Think of the impact you could have for a family for simply buying a book! 

The goal of this Cause is to sell 15,000 copies, which will allow them to impact 45,000 lives! Sign up to buy the book and be part of this life-changing cause!

Couch Rebels will be released as a Kindle eBook for only $9.99 (Don’t have a kindle? No problem! Click here)on August 14th, 2013! For just $10 YOU can make a difference in 3 peoples life for an entire year!

Make a difference, Buy the book! Visit the Couch Rebels website to sign up to buy the book today!


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