Britax Carseat


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This is my favorite carseat. I saved all my baby present gift cards to buy one. I could not happier with the quality. They have lasted through all of my children. I am still using one from my son. I have gotten everyone I know to buy one because of how amazing they are . I hope you win one!

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Leave a comment to let me know which color you are hoping to win!!

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  1. Amber Iwamoto says

    I would love the brown & black! Im having another boy and just donated all my baby stuff a MONTH before i found out I was pregnant again! :) Hoping my good karma comes back to me..This carseat is amazing!!!

  2. Anony-mouse says

    Be sure to check ratings before buying. Many (cheaper) seats are rated much higher by leading consumer magazines!

  3. says

    I love the girlie pink and black, however gender neutral fabrics such as the bright red are also fun and can be used for multiple kiddos. :)

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