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Bridal Guide Magazine only $3.49 for 1 year

Bridal guide

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Bridal Guide Description

A bimonthly wedding planning magazine dedicated to educating and helping couples so that their wedding day is both beautiful and memorable, to have their dream and stay within a practical budget. Reader-friendly articles speak to readers in a tone that is honest, caring and compassionate. Each issue is brimming with solid information about the best registry items, fashion trends and beauty, hottest honeymoon travel destinations, health, decorating, event planning, etiquette, buying the dress, relationships, marriage, sex, finances and home design. Wonderful colorful photographs present assortments of wedding attire, allowing for quick comparisons of various outfits with vendor phone numbers and websites to assist in contacting them

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Got a wedding coming up? We have tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget!

Also read Ways to Save Money on a Wedding and What to Include on your Wedding Registry!

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