Break Through Your Pain: Tips from the American Osteopathic Association


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Thirty years of working in an office and sitting at a desk have taken their toll on me.  For many years, I have suffered from pain in my lower back and neck.  I’m not inclined to take an overabundance of over-the-counter medications (which all have their own side effects) so I tend to suffer through and hope a good night’s sleep will carry me through until the next day.

Well, help is on the way.  The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) is helping Americans avoid and prevent pain in the workplace with their Break Through Your Pain program.  The AOA found that more than 70 percent of office workers spend 5+ hours sitting at their desks.  If they’re like me, they find themselves tethered to the desk in front of a computer for hours on end.  The opportunity to get up and stretch generally doesn’t present itself.  As such, I suffer through each day.

I know from experience that chronic pain makes it more difficult to participate in day-to-day activities at work and at home.  Many days, after a long stretch of sitting at work, I find it is all I can do to get in the car, go home and neglect those things I need to do due to pain.

The AOA also found that 2 in 5 office workers would not consider getting up from their desks if they needed to talk to a colleague.  I, for one, fall into this category.  After all, it’s easier to send an email or instant message than to stand up, walk across the hall and talk to someone face-to-face.

New videos released by the AOA show how to avoid and prevent pain in the workplace.  The video featuring Rob Danoff, DO, an AOA board-certified family physician, tells you how to position yourself at your desk to eliminate unnecessary strain on your body while at work. Another demonstrates two stretches which will help to alleviate the stress of constant sitting.  I think I can spare a minute every hour or so to try these stretches.  After all, what do I have to lose except the pain in my back and legs!

Luckily, it only takes 60 seconds to begin to break through your pain by watching the AOA’s video about how to avoid and prevent pain in the workplace. I found them to be quick, easy and lessened the tenseness in my shoulders and back.  After watching these videos, I’ve decided to give the stretches a try.

I encourage you to check out these videos and let us know if they help you. Spread the word by sharing this post on your social networks.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to start a “stretch minute” in your office each day!




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  1. It is so important to get up every hour and atretch at your desk because this can keep a person from feeling pain in their back and neck. Working on a computer every day is taxing on the body. This is a reminder to everyone that we all need to get up and move!

  2. I will take any help I can get. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic pain is my constant companion. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. I know when I sit too long I’ll get stiff and if I stand in place too long my back will start hurting – thanks for the source of suggestions to help

  4. Thanks for this…I spend alot of time at the computer and I notice my wrists get really sore at the end of the day.

  5. wow this is really helpful! I too sit at a desk for hours on end and have experienced pain because of it. Will def have to try these out! thank you!!!

  6. I sit at a desk for part of my job but I make sure I get up often to move around. Plus there are days when I havent had a chance to sit at all. I notice my wrists get tired or my neck/eyes will strain if I sit to long in front of the computer. Thats for the ideas.

  7. I teach so I am on my feet for several hours a day an taking time to stretch rally helps those muscles that get tight from standing all day.

  8. My daughter suffers from a chronic pain condition. Stretching is key to pain relief. For her it can make or break her day. Fully agree with the vids.

  9. Thank you for this advice. It is so important. I recently started a desk job, and find myself having chronic migraines, and now especially new chronic hip and knee pain. And I’m only in my young 40s! I will try to make it a point to stretch every hour! Thank you for the reminder!!!

  10. Really good information. I am a LMT and stand on my feet a lot doing massages as well as using proper body alignment. I notice when I fo not use the proper form my back and hips hurt. Stretching is a good way of getting rid of this pain.

  11. I have severe Spinal Stenosis and Degenerate Disk Disease and was in a wheel chair for about 2 years! I live with pain daily but i am grateful that i can walk again(Not very far) I can’t stand in one place for a minute without the pain and the weakness that takes over my back and hips and legs and if i do not sit down,I fall down.

  12. I have a bad back and neck die to a car accident and in pain everyday and would love to thank you for this awesome information

  13. I can tell you as a nurse that comic pain is horrible on my patients! I wish something like this would have been recognized a long time ago to help those already dealing with it!

  14. Thanks for the great article……………I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia pain for over 20 plus years and nothing works……..pills, therapy the thing that works for me is I get involved in my computer and I shut off the rest of the world and go into that and feel nothing.