Bound for Blissdom: How much should this cost me?


I am leaving in a car for four days. I will be attending Blissdom in Tennessee. I am so excited and I look forward to meeting all of the other wonderful bloggers. I had to sit down and figure out what this is actually going to cost me because I have a budget.

1) Ticket $200 and I bought 3

2) Car $100 for oil change and tires rotation

3) Gas $300

4) Parking $80

5) Breakfast Thursday and Lunch $40

6) Dinner Saturday $40

7) Tips $20

8) Breakfast and lunch on Sunday $40

9) Hotel $700

10) Incidentals $50

11) Business cards and media supplies $100



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  1. Linda Welshans says

    Sounds like a fun trip. I always try and make budget for a trip, but usually end up spending a bit more.
    Have fun!!

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