Boost Coupons to help Cancer Patients


I love helping people. I think coupons are something anyone can help collect. The coupon for Boast can actually help people with cancer. I appreciate that Lara at A Frugal Chick shared this with me.

This is an unbelievably cool chance to use coupons to help some cancer patients!

I just went online and did some research and there are several posting boards talking about the benefits of drinking Boost while going through chemotherapy.  Because of the extreme weight loss often experienced, doctors recommend drinking Boost to help combat the sides effects.

If you have any Boost coupons you are not going to use, there is an address you can send them to.  Every coupon received will be used to offset the cost of Boost at a local cancer house in Paris, AK.

So if you have Boost coupons and would like to donate them, you can send them to:

Boost Coupons
1125 S. 3rd #14
Paris, AR 72855

Also if you know anywhere local that could use these, please leave a comment.  I am sure there are places where we each live who could benefit as well!

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