Bona Fide Fanatics Floor Cleaners

Bona floor cleaners are made for hardwood, tile, laminate and stone floors.

Bona is a worldwide industry with Swedish origins.

Floors need cleaning?

Bona floor pic

Have hardwood, tile, laminate or stone floors?   We do, and with 7 people + a dog in the house our floors always need cleaning.  Bona is an established company with 90 years of business behind them.  You can count on quality service and care when you find a company that has been around that long! Clean, shine and protect your floors with Bona products while using their durable mops and accessories!

Bona’s website has many interesting articles about cleaning and caring for hardwood, tile, laminate and stone floors.  You may search through menus by what you want to do (polish, dust) or by products or floor type.  Visiting the website is an educational experience!  Comment below and let us know about your Bona cleaning experience!

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Clean, Shine & Protect - Bona Hardwood Floor Care


 Bona floor cleaning products can be found at

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