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Body Aligner Pillow

Is there a super hero that can get me a good night sleep? I have 1 million pillows and of them are a Body Aligner Pillow. The reason is simple I had no idea that a pillow like this existed. I mean is it possible to find a pillow that will actually support your neck and align your back when you sleep. The answer is this invention does exist.

Body Aligner Pillow

I was recently asked to review a body aligner pillow called the  Pillo1. Dr. Raymond Hall  inventor of PILLO1™ has over 25 years experience treating and healing thousands of patients, Dr. Hall has designed and engineered PILLO1™ to make a difference in people’s lives. This pillow promises I will get to sleep faster, reduce wrinkles and jaw tension. It will reduce the stress on my neck, head, and shoulders. It will also improve my respiration and circulation. This could indeed be the answer to my formerly sleepless nights and awful mornings that require yoga twists to undo what I had done during my attempt at sleep.

In the words of my children “What is that thing?” Can I ride it? I said,”This is the answer to my headaches and neck pain” I am a side sleeper and this pillow has the options on for side sleepers one for a back sleeper and one for someone that requires an elevated pillow. I am either a side sleeper or someone that likes elevation. The Pillo1 was perfect for me. It fits in a standard king pillow case so no one needs to know your secret weapon in the fight against fatigue.

I went to body pump class yesterday. I normally wake up with horrible back and neck pain. This is most likely because I am out of shape and attempt to lift weights I shouldn’t. I used my new Pillo1 body aligner pillow and I can’t believe it but the only thing that is sore from pump class is my lower half. I am in a state of shock. I honestly thought I would have to write a review that said this pillow didn’t work. The exact opposite is true. I can’t believe it. The hard part is yet to come when my husband figures out how awesome this pillow is I will have to share until Father’s day! I guess I will at least know what to buy him this year.

I was provided the Pillo1 to review for you. I am always honest in my reviews because I wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. I can say that nothing works the same for everyone but I am keeping my pillow and if my husband asks how it works I just may have to plead the 5th to keep my pillow safe from his capture!


Body Aligner Pillow

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