Blogging Tip: 10 Things Bloggers Should Consider

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Blogging Tip – 10 Things Bloggers Should Consider

1) You need a great laptop or desktop. You will be on your computer all the time. I use a Mac for everyday and my Chrome book when I travel.

2) You need a fast internet speed

3) You obviously need a domain name. My blogging tip is for you to buy it through Go Daddy.

4) You will need hosting iPage



iPage is cheap and the service is awesome. You can also host multiple sites on the same host.  is fine until your blog gets bigger than I would transfer your blog to Liquid Web. This statement was made prior to me trying iPage until you get several thousand posts you should be fine on iPage.

iPage site builder banner

5) You will need an email service. We use Mad Mimi and love it. You can sign up for FREE. Then it cost money if you have a certain number of subscribers. I never ever pay because I sell space in mine so I make money with every email I send out. I actually make Thousands a year using my email service. I sell ads, eblast, my products and services, and I make connections. You can sign up free by clicking on the link that says mad mimi I would do this TODAY if you have any business at all.  <—— SUPER IMPORTANT and it is EASY to use

6) I would suggest getting a data back up service Carbonite is $5 a month. It’s a secure online backup, where in you can access your files anytime, anywhere.

7) If you are going to be online I would get Lifelock. I can’t tell you how many times people have tried to assume our identity and take our credit! I love life lock it is worth the less than $10 a month.

8) A good camera. I am a Canon girl and I suggest the Canon Rebel with the addition of this lens.  The canon 50mm 1.8 lens it will handle most of your image shooting.

I used it for this picture.

amaretto cookies

9) Another favorite blogging tip that I want to share is that I am also in love with light box  for taking pictures and this background you can buy the 2×2 vinyl

I used the vinyl for this image


10) I would also invest in your education I am a huge fan of I love their videos on html, photography, and lightroom. Which reminds me picmonkey is great for free editing but if you are serious you should buy lightroom.


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  1. jenifer moore says

    I’m not a blogger but’s it’s interesting to see some of the things you do and info you have ty for sharing

  2. Aisha Winbush says

    Thanks for the tips, the cookie picture looks like a picture out of a nice recipe magazine, i think you just gave me an idea of what camera i should get because i’ve been looking for one since November.

  3. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says

    Thank You for all the advice for starting your own blog!! I just got a new iMac PC and as soon as I have everything figured out and put together, I will know how to begin!!

  4. Jessica Karnos says

    I love these tips!! All very great tips for someone like me thinking of starting a blog. Even if I don’t win, thank you for sharing these! I’m glad I read them! ??

  5. Janette Polivka says

    Those are some good tips. I can tell you have a good camera becuase your pics always have such great clarity.

  6. Shannon Anderson says

    Didn’t realize that internet speed could be a hindrance. What is the lowest that you would suggest?

  7. desiree says

    i have the camera and then i have a other one and then if i could afford it i would love to do it i would blog on win like i do now

  8. Kathie Craig says

    It all sounds so simple!! I have been considering starting a blog. Thank you for all of the information!!

  9. heidi eaton says

    I’m personally not interested in starting a blog but these are some great tips for someone who is. I also love the pic of the cookies, what a great pic. I recently purchased a new camera and was debating over a Nikon and a Canon. It looks like I should have purchased the Canon cause my pics don’t look that good.

  10. jennifer dansberger jones says

    these tips help with not only bloggers but will help me with my small online shop. Thanks!

  11. Vickie says

    I don’t have a tip..yours are fantastic..and, had know idea people try to steal other peoples blog content..don’t quite know what that means..more important why they would..seems like lots of work..thanks

  12. Marbeth Carew says

    I love this article! I need to start a blog for The Providence Rescue Mission. My husband and I cofounded it. We help the poor and homeless of our community. I’m going to email this to myself! Thanks again!!!

  13. Paula Willbanks says

    Great article and advice! I have thought about starting a blog for some time now and these are great tips! Thanks! 🙂

  14. Shelly Johnson says

    I wish I had time to blog. I’ve thought about it in the past. I just don’t see WHEN I could do it. I think I’ll just stick to READING my favorite blogs for now 🙂 Like yours!!

  15. Lisa Kerr says

    I am in the process of starting and working on my new blog now so all these tips, including all your other blog posts, are so helpful! Thank you!!

  16. Barbara A. Ramirez says

    Wow you think blogging looks like fun but you don;t realize all that has to go into being successful at it! thaks for posting this article

  17. Jody Arbogast says

    I always wanted to be a blogger. I think to be a blogger you got to love people and to learn how to communicate. It’s like your the editor of a newspaper. You have to search, be a speaker . By reading this review, I know it takes time, patience and a lot of heart.

  18. Julie Simpson says

    I want to start a blog but the work attention and dedication it takes is why I think some blogs are not so great. Yours is very thorough and attended to and if I am going to invest the money and time I love that you have a formula to consider before you do.

  19. Janette Polivka says

    The camera you have seems awesome!!! I’m telling you, you’re pics looks so crisp! Would be great for the kiddos or scenery!

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