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I know it is 2013 but I love to take notes on paper, there is something satisfying about marking things off my list. I have tried keeping a to do list online but it never works. So I sit surrounded by sticky notes, notepads, and any other pieces of paper I may have written on. That is not good when you are doing multiple reviews, posts, or have a series of articles scheduled. So when I was offered the chance to review the Blogger Planner by Simplify Mommyhood, I eagerly said YES!!

I do want to note that the Blogger Planner is available in Sprial Bound or PDF Format.

I received the Sprial Bound Blogger Planner to review. My first thought when I saw it was, there are too many pages. That went away after I started looking thru and found it was divided up into 8 sections.

These Eight Section include the following:

Calendars (Yearly & Monthly)
Post Planning Pages
Series Planning Pages
Guest Post Trackers (Incoming & Outgoing)
Finances (Income, Expense & Mileage Trackers)
Website Information (Analytics, Affiliates, Logins & Link Parties)
Review & Giveaway Tracking Sheets
Brainstorming Pages

As soon as I had a few minutes, I sat down and slowly started moving information into my planner. The first thing I did was my calendar. I had several important dates coming up and reminders on scrap pieces of paper were not saving me time but giving me stress that I would lose them. Next I started inputting my Blog Posts that were coming up and jotted down all my ideas.

Within an hour I had no more sticky notes on my desk (well blog related sticky notes, the grocery list was still there) and I had a clear vision of where I was to go. It made it super easy when I was pitching later that day to know what dates I had open.

Is it a coincidence I sold 2 posts in 4 days,maybe, but I am going to thank my Blogger Planner for having me organized and on top of things.¬† As a new blogger I didn’t think it was necessary for a planner but I was wrong and when this planner gets full,I will be ordering a new one.

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blogger planner

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