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Holiday Gift Guide-

This event was very successful last year.   The person who made the sale got paid, and then all the people who hosted the ads on their sidebar got paid. When we sell a review, we also sell a rotating sidebar ad if you join us you will get paid on EVERY sale.

Each blogger will receive a media kit to use. You will also receive the code for your rotating ad. We have an event admin so you will make the sale, write the review, and the rest will be handled by the Admin. Easy Money! You are paid weekly!

2014 holiday guide media kit  <—- Last years




Coach Purse:

coach purse

Pay to Join Event


Canon rebel camera (The model will be determined by what the camera cost) We have in the past added on a camera bag and sd card. I just need to price the model and accessories once we have the total bloggers.

There will only be

15 bloggers at $30 each

If you wish to be a sponsor and appear on the graphic the cost is $50 total..

The first 15 to pay will be accepted. The event will run October 2nd -21st . We will allow you to switch out your links weekly if you reply to our email each week where we ask for your new link. This is a great way to promote those posts you need comments on.



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