Blockbuster By Mail: Free Trial

Blockbuster By Mail is a program similar to Netflix. Go online and pick the movie you want to see. The movie will be sent to you via mail. The nice thing is that there is no due date or late fee! You can keep the movie until you are done viewing it. When you send the movie back, the next movie on your list will be mailed.

Right now there is a FREE trial for Blockbuster By Mail. With code morejobs you can try Blockbuster By Mail for a 4 week trial. During the 4 week trial, you will be able to request 3 DVDs at a time. If you do not cancel by the end of the weeks, you will be charged $19.99 a month. So mark your calenders to cancel before the end of the trial period! Or you could change it to 1 DVD at a time for $8.99 a month.

Has anyone tried this service yet?

(Thanks Smart Couponing!)

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