Blissdom Wrap up


Blissdom 2013

I would like to thank my sponsor Autism United. org. I love the message of their site and how they are trying to help spread the message about Autism. I am a huge supporter of Autism awareness so I was proud to represent them I would appreciate it if you told them thank you on my behalf. or follow them on Facebook at .

I flew out to Texas to attend Blissdom. I was lucky enough to arrive in time for an event with Wholly Guacamole . I made the best recipe with a superstar chef named John. He helped invent several brand’s flavors like frito lay, pizza hut, and now his company is creating the awesome new Guacamole flavor in recipes that are amazing. I will do a whole post on them you will just fall over they were so amazing. I made a shrimp bloody mary.



After the Wholly event I must have gone to the conference hall to check in and see what was going on there. I know this to be true because I am wearing the same shirt so it must have been the same day. I have to tell you that we didn’t get a lot of sleep and that I have absolutely no ability to remember anything.

When you are a blogger brands ask you to do silly things to win prizes. I of course have a sense of humor so I tweeted out a great lay… because I am the Madame. I apologize if you were drinking something and just spit it on your computer. This is me showing how tired I am and how refreshed. No, I do not know that lady in bed with me. I hope she isn’t upset that she is now on my site.


Just in case Technogel is hiring I am ready to sleep on the bed every night. HINT, HINT, HINT… Tweet @technogel and tell them I am available for a bed review or a job as a sleep model if this whole blogging thing fails.

Then I went back to my room and hung out with my roomates. We went out to dinner at the bar which was crazy. We were at the Gaylord in Texas and there was a huge wall of TVs and recliners. The place was full of guys. I learned later there was a Tech convention and that is why they were staring they hadn’t seen a bunch of ladies in days. There was this guy that kept interrupting our conversation…… I saw him again later.

I then attended the screening of All My Children and One Life to Live. It was pretty cool Candy McClain was there with Vincent Irizzary and Robert Scott Wilson. The event was sponsored by Bissell and my husband is available Bissell to work for you. He hasn’t met a stain that he hasn’t conquered. We decided it would be a lot of fun to go to a country concert since it was right in the hotel so off I went to see someone called Reckless Kelly. I decided when in Texas see a country band.



That was just night one. I will catch you up on the rest of my journey because I had the pleasure of meeting with several really awesome bloggers and I totally need to share their blogs with you!


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