Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday

Are you planning on Black Friday Shopping this year? Well, you may want to check out some of the previews available in order to plot out your adventure. Head on over to Black Friday and check out what they have scouted out so far. As it gets closer to the actual day, there will be more and more information available.

My thoughts, I braved the early morning last year at Walmart and ToysRus. It was my first year participating in an early morning Black Friday run, and I will tell you it was my last! It was complete craziness! I did score some good deals but I also did not get half of the items I set out to get. If you are looking for big ticket items and electronics, obviously those are the most popular items and the hardest to get. Also, there are many retailers that will be offering exceptional deals online. In fact, last year I found that Walmart had several of their door-buster deals also online (this was after I got up at 4am, trekked into town, braved the crowds and headed home at 7am!).

It turns out that Walmart will be taking a different approach this year to Black Friday to try to calm the crowds. Walmart will open at 6am on Thanksgiving day and stay open until late Friday night. The hope is that the 24 hour approach will make for less of a rush. Also, for the big ticket items, a line will be formed and the items will be distributed starting at 5am Friday until the stock runs out. Thanks to Coupons, Deals and More for finding this information!

What is your experience with Black Friday? Will you be heading out this year?

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  1. Adrienne says

    :) We used to go out regularly… usually not for big ticket items, but for a lot of the smaller items. Last year, we were able to go to a couple of places, but my husband had to get to work that Friday, so I spent 8am – 5pm searching for online deals… and I think we did better than we did at the stores. We got my husband’s brand new 16 gb ipod touch for 199 at’s black friday sale, and we ordered some items off of the Lowes website that we picked up later that day at the store. This year, we’re going to see what the sales look like and decide whether to go out. There are only a couple of things that we really want, and we don’t want to be tempted by all the other things we see while we’re on a tight budget!


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