BJs Wholesale Store Review

I was so excited when given the opportunity to shop BJ’s Wholesale Store. I knew that this would provide a great opportunity to help a special group of folks that regularly come to my area. I am fortunate to live in an area that has a Ronald McDonald House. For those who are not familiar, Ronald McDonald Houses provide an excellent opportunity to bring families together in a trying time – the illness of a child. These houses are homes away from home for many families and very little is asked in return to cover the costs of running and maintaining these homes. Some of the help comes from volunteers fulfilling a wish list for that particular house.

I had heard wonderful things about BJs and I was anxious to go and have a look myself. One of the great things is that they accept manufacturer’s coupons. So, off I went. Due to the store not being in my town, I had to go to a larger town about an hour away from where I live. I began my shopping trip on a Tuesday around 12:30pm. I knew that I would be there around the lunch rush, but due to my schedule that day, it was really the only time that would work. Since I was not a member of this particular “club”, I opted to go directly to customer service, where **Danielle** helped me. I explained why I was there and asked to speak with a manager. At that time, the manager was apparently on lunch break, but she said to feel free to shop around and then, when I completed my shopping trip, to come back and check out at the customer service desk.

As I walked through the store, I did feel a little out of sorts. I felt that the overall store layout was not quite as intuitive as I would have hoped, but I attributed some of that to the fact that I had not been in the store before. Unlike many regular grocery stores, where the produce section was typically to the right and the flow of the entrance, this had the produce section more to the back and left of the store. Upon thinking about my experience in other “club” stores, this does seem to follow the same floor model of most of them. Thankfully there were signs on the main aisle, so if I had trouble finding the items I was looking for, I could use that as the guidance I needed. I felt that the store was well lit and there seemed to be lots of products available. One disappointing thing I did discover was that although there were many selections of garbage bags – sizes as well as lawn and leaf – there seemed to be only two companies represented on that particular day. The first was the store brand, “B&J” and the second was Glad. Truly, I don’t know that I would have noticed one way or the other, but on the wish list for my particular RMH, was the request for 13 gallon Hefty brand – specifically. My thought had been that having enough trash bags for a house that can see any number of folks in and out – especially here through the holidays, might come in handy. So, that was one of the items that I had wanted to get for the house in particular. It was also was the one thing I walked away without.

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