Birthday Freebies: Ruby Tuesday, Red Robin, Sephora and More

Free stuff on birthday

It is Money Making Monday and today I want to tell you about special savings on your special day! Did you know that many companies and restaurants give you free products and discounts for your birthday?  I said, “free stuff on birthday” All you have to do is register, usually online, and you will get a special gift around your birthday.

Free Stuff on Birthday

Here is what I have gotten over the last week:

Ruby Tuesday sent me an e-mail for a FREE burger of my choice. My husband, the kids and I all headed to Ruby Tuesday last Friday night. I didn’t really feel like a burger and since the birthday girl should get what she wants, I made my husband order the burger! He most likely would have ordered one anyways! I order an entree with a trip to the salad bar and the kids split a meal. Our bill came to $22. Of course it could have been cheaper if I didn’t order the $16 entree, but like I said…birthday girl gets what she wants!

Red Robin also sent me an e-mail for a FREE burger. We have not redeemed this coupon yet!

Lonestar Steakhouse sent an e-mail with a FREE entree up to $15 coupon. We have not used this coupon yet and probably won’t be able to as we won’t be going to Richmond before it expires next week.

Victoria’s Secret sent me a $10 off coupon. This coupon is good on anything I purchase with my Angels card (sign up for Angels card and they will mail this to you). I will probably get something priced around $10, making it free.

Sephora sent a coupon for FREE lip gloss. I will redeem this when I head to the mall for the Victoria’s Secret purchase.



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