Birthday Bonus!

Over the years I have signed up for more things than you could ever imagine.  Many of these signups include providing your birthday.  Well, my birthday is this month and it’s a BIG one!  I won’t tell you how big but trust me, it’s big.

So far this month I have received at least half a dozen coupons for FREE birthday gifts.  Among them are free appetizers at chain restaurants, a $5 off coupon at my local hardware store, and a free cookie from a mall franchise.  I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail over the next few weeks.

To our readers:  I suggest when you sign up for something and they ask for your birthday, provide it to them.  This is going to be a fun filled month of FREEBIES for me!

What is the best thing you received in connection with providing your birthdate on a registration form?


  1. says

    You can get a round trip ticket(by boat) to Catalina Island on your birthday but you’ll need to sign up with your info, 90 days in advance and then use it on the day of your birthday. No strings attached! It’s about a 26 mile beautiful ride and you can see all kinds of Marine Life . Be sure to bring your own food for sightseeing unless you choose the restaurants there. Which by the way are amazing. They do have inexpensive kiosks etc… Just hang out and people watch or go on a guided hike (free again) It docks from Long Beach Harbor and has return boats every 1 1/2 hours so your not obligated to stay on the Island all day if you get tired. …I’ve done this several times so I am speaking from experience… It is free for the birthday person so unless you want to go by yourself someone will have to pay for a regular ticket which is around $79 but still I think it’s an awesome birthday freebie!

  2. Eileen says

    What is the best thing you received in connection with providing your birthdate on a registration form?

    silly girl, I am over 50 and dont’ HAVE birthdays anymore;) But if I did sign up I would hope for a nice TALL drink when out with friends. My “un” birthday is the day after Halloween so always celebrate ON Halloween.

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