Big Hero Party Recipes

big hero 6 movie release party with baymax cupcakes

My kids absolutely loved the movie Big Hero 6 movie when they saw it in the theater and could not wait until it came out on DVD. Luckily they don’t have to wait any longer! Big Hero 6 is now available at Walmart! I ran out to pick up the movie at Walmart as soon as it was released and it is a good thing I did because they were selling fast. I bought the Blue Ray DVD Combo pack with a bonus gift dvd “The Science of Big Hero 6”. This pack also came with a free digital copy for on Vudu. I found out that my friends kids had never seen the movie so we decided to invite them over and have a movie watching party. I made special snacks, cupcakes, and a super fun activity. Keep reading for my recipes and activity directions!


Big Hero 6 Movie Baymax Cupcakes

For this party I decided to make BayMax cupcakes inspired by the suit of armor BayMax wears. So the plan is to have red cupcakes with purple frosting and a marshmallow inside. I started with a mix for red velvet cupcakes. I mixed it up according to the package directions. Then I filled the cupcake liners and added a marshmallow in the middle. Then bake the cupcakes according to the directions. When you bake them the marshmallow melts leaving a space for you to insert another marshmallow. Add a second marshmallow to each cupcake and bake for another 2 minutes. Don’t worry the cupcakes at this stage do not look very good but be patient once you add the frosting they will be looking great. Let the cupcakes cool and then frost with purple frosting. Voila! Baymax the cupcake.

How to make marshmallow filled cupcakes for Big Hero 6 party.


Baymax cupcakes marshmallow filled red velvet with purple frosting

Big Hero 6 Movie Microbot pizza snacks

This snack is a little time consuming to make but the bread cones parts can be made ahead of time. The kids were so excited when they saw these and they really gobbled them up. The pizza roll recipe is easy to follow. The adults at the party really liked this snack too!

Microbot pizza rolls

Big Hero 6 Movie Honey Lemon “Chem-Balls” Activity

In the movie, the character, Honey Lemon, has a special power that involves making chem-balls in her messenger bag that has a mini- laboratory inside. So I thought we would have some extra fun at our party and throw some exploding chem-balls. Don’t worry this aresenal is completely safe. To make the chem-balls all you need are small balloons (water balloon size works great) and several cans of foaming shaving cream (get the cheap stuff). You fill the balloons with shaving cream directly from the can. Tie the balloon closed and then let the kids toss them. When the balloons land they pop and explode and shaving cream expands into a big blob. Make sure you take this activity outside or put down some tarps in your basement or garage. We also used biodegradable balloons so we did not have to go around and pick them all up. The kids loved throwing the chem-balls and squealed with delight when they made a loud pop.

how to blow up balloons filled with shaving creamballoons filled with shaving cream to make chem-balls









If you are feeling extra crafty you can make your party guests their own Honey Lemon chemistry bag. This can be the party favor. I made this bag with two squares of fleece sewn together on three sides. But you could just pick up some inexpensive bags. Then I added a strip of ribbon with balloons attached to look like chem-balls. I just tied the balloons to the ribbon.

Honey Lemon chem ball bag

Big Hero 6 is a great family movie! Children of all ages will enjoy it. I have a family of readers so we also bought a book called, “Big Hero 6, the junior novelization.” It has already been read because my kids can’t get enough of Hiro, Baymax, Fred, Wasabe, Honey Lemon, and Go Go Tomago.

Big Hero 6 movie book

Schedule your family movie night soon! Don’t forget the popcorn and make some Baymax Cupcakes!

kids watching Big Hero 6