Big Box Reveal

I have a big fat secret.  The item in my dark secret closet is actually found in this very box. This huge box contains the very answers you are looking for in your savings future. Madame Deals is about finding or figuring out the best deal for you. It is not about always using a coupon and buying everything with a coupon. In fact unless you need it even if it is FREE do not bother getting it. I mean FREE is great but getting it for FREE takes time and money. If you do not need it you should not invest time into “scouring” it.

Yes, I can extreme coupon. I can do consumer math in my head with the best of them. I however do not need a huge amount of stuff because I need room in my house for my life. I think everyone does things differently and that is fine with me. I use coupons when they make sense. I use them to buy the things I need and want. I do not just buy things because I have coupons. I actually buy a lot of things that are great deals without coupons.. oh the shock!

What is in the box? In the box is this Great Deal. What makes this a great deal? The only sales recently on this item involved me going to an additional store. I only go to one store a week and a place to pick up produce. The sales also involved driving 45 minutes to gather this item for a rock bottom price. I decided the savings didn’t pay for the time or the gas. The price was a good price. This was a great deal for me because it arrived at my house. It was an exceptional deal because buying it in the store takes up precious cart space. I say precious because when I buy this item it takes up room where my children could sit and my food could be placed. The final reason why this was a good buy for us is we use it.

Contents in the box is HERE

What do you think? When is a good deal not a good deal?

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