Bibi’s Patisserie

What a privilege to learn about Bibi’s Patisserie when I went to the Allergen free wellness event.

Bibi’s Patisserie Tea House offers many different delicacies.










Many different companies specialize in dairy free OR gluten free OR diabetic friendly OR vegan OR nut free- Bibi’s Patisserie meets ALL of those dietary needs! With so many specialties and over 1000 + items and flavor combinations this is one business you need to know about this season! No processed ingredients, gluten free, dairy free (coconut milk!) and low glycemic sweeteners (Brown Rice Syrup, Fructose, Agave Nectar) makes you kinda wonder, doesn’t it??

Look at Bibi’s Patisserie‘s  many pictures and the menu then you wonder what is the taste like!??!  Anyone on any dietary restrictions has had the experience when something looks good, sounds good but tastes like cardboard.   Ahh,  be forewarned you may wonder if you are gaining weight just looking at the treats, but remember these are gluten free, diabetic friendly as well as allergen and vegan friendly.

While Bibi’s Patisserie is located in Lafayette, LA you are able to visit them online at and order their treats delivered by priority mail.   These items for review were en route for 2 days.  The box arrived with a basket full of treats.  A red liner in the basket was accented by green tissue paper that cushioned the jar of Sugar Plum jam, jar of Mango Chutney,  a Hostess cupcake,  a Banana nut loaf, mini pecan pie,  a couple of Sweet potato marshmallow cookie bars,  and a couple Chocolate Gingerbread Biscotti.   Everything arrived beautiful and ready for serving! Each item has notations on the label so you know exactly what dietary restrictions it meets.  Hannah Ellaham-Raffel, part owner and operator (along with Nathan Raffel) explains the label notations in this manner:   “On each label there is a G/S/ and or V. The “G” represents gluten-free, the “S” represents diabetic friendly. The “V” represents vegan or free of animal bi-products such as eggs, dairy, and gelatin. ”




Biscotti is well known for dipping in teas or coffee.  The 2 chocolate gingerbread biscotti and Banana Nut loaf  that arrived in my basket looked as they came straight from the kitchen.  No concern over any breakage or misshapen items. The Banana Nut Bread was moist and delicious.  You simply could not tell the flours were gluten free!


As  my son tasted the sweet potato marshmallow cookie bar, he remarked how it tasted like something I would make from scratch.  That is exactly what is done at Bibi’s patisserie.  Everything is made from scratch- including the marshmallow fluff!


The Mango Chutney is popular on Grilled cheese sandwiches!


I make my own wild plum jelly and was intriqued with the idea of trying Sugar plum jam.  It tasted like a spicy (not hot but cinnamon, nutmeg type spice) plum– very good! You can see in the picture above that it is marked G/S/V (gluten free, diabetic and vegan friendly).


I was most intriqued with the mini pecan pie- CRUST.  It was again described by one of my children as being “like homemade” BUT that particular child was not referring to gluten free homemade.  If you have a great pie crust recipe then you understand the skill involved in making such.  Using alternative ingredients in a standard recipe can be tricky.  Bibi’s Patisserie also has cooking classes.  I definitely think I need to learn how they make their gluten free pastry!










The Hostess cake tasted better than any storebought processed cake you have tasted! My children have not ever had the storebought but were highly impressed with the Bibi’s Patisserie Hostess cake!

If you can dream up some combination of flavors you desire then you can request a treat from Bibi’s Patisserie even if you don’t see it on their website.  There are literally thousands of variations and creations that are available.  You may contact Bibi’s Patisserie with your information and desired treat idea or request!

Click here to order from Bibi’s Patisserie now!


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